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The Power of Less by Leo Babauta [Book Review]

Before I do the review of The Power of Less by Leo Babauta I have to share a story with you on how I even decided to buy this book in the first place…

It’s a fun story, I promise 🙂

A few weeks ago I was using my favorite time waster on planet earth – StumbleUpon – and saw this book that was recommended for us ‘personal development types’. I wouldn’t have even paid any attention to it except for the fact I was a fan of Zen Habits, Leo Babauta’s personal development and ‘simplicity’ blog.

And guess how I even knew about Zen Habits in the first place?

You guessed it – StumbleUpon!

So a tip of the hat goes to that site because without it I wouldn’t know who Leo was or what Zen Habits was about. But anyways onto the review…

The Power of Less states it’s teaching the ‘fine art of limiting yourself to the essential….In business and life!‘ Another way to put it, it talks about focusing on what is essential in your business and life. And then, how to simplify it!

If you are familiar with Zen Habits, you’ll know that Leo lives and breathes his own advice. His blog is clean, simple to read, filled with great content and that translates into his book.

The advice is great and while you won’t have any huge revelation as most of the content will be familiar to those of you that are familiar with personal development books, it’s presented in a way that only Leo could.


It’s essential.

And it’s packed with simple to follow action steps!

A major takeaway for me is when Leo started to discuss health and fitness!

I know right?

Health and fitness wan’t a topic I thought would be discussed in this kind of book but I’m glad it was covered.

But his approach to keeping things simple made sense to me in a big way, especially when it came to this dread subject….Health and fitness LOL

I’m by no means an expert or even someone you should ever listen to when it comes to that, but reading Leo’s advice was brilliant!

And *gulp* has got me thinking about actually working out again LOL

Anyways….This book was a lot of fun and super easy to read. Plenty of great take aways that you could put into action right away plus an easy to follow format which I appreciated a lot.

A simple read that will help anyone improve their business and life by…..Keeping things simple 😉

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