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The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon [Book Review]

Jon Gordon is one of my favorite authors on planet earth. His books have really helped me over the years so when I heard that he was releasing his new one, The Power of Positive Leadership, I was excited to dig in.

This book was hard for me to find here in Canada. Sure I could have bought it online, but if you know me, you know I love going to the stores to buy the books I read. With coffee in hand, there is nothing I enjoy more than a trip to the bookstore.

Anyways, I found the book earlier this week and dove right in…

The Power of Positive Leadership is like a general overview of all Jon’s previous works. It combines multiple messages within the short 188 page book but presents the main message of being ‘positive’ first and foremost.

Jon’s knack for story telling is on full display in The Power of Positive Leadership. His life experiences in leading coaches, teams and companies are a gift that he freely shares in all his books.

Some of the bigger take aways of The Power of Positive Leadership are that our outlook on life, truly determines our outcome. So if we choose to lead others with a positive mindset from this day forward, we will see the impact it can have on our teams and customers.

Jon clearly states that it does not mean we will experience smooth sailing throughout, but if it starts with a positive mindset, we can overcome.

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Also, he showed us that we must lead by example. If we want people or situations to change, we must change. This is an important part of personal development, and when we put it into a leadership lesson we can see how important it is. Let’s be the change, and project positivity. If we do that, consistently over time, good things are sure to follow.

And finally another big take away was the fear of failure and how we must embrace it. This is not a new message to anyone that has been involved in personal development and self improvement, but Jon really hammers the point home in this quote…

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“Failure is a big part of your path to success. It is NOT your enemy! It’s your partner in growth! It doesn’t define you…It REFINES YOU!”

I absolutely love that.

So many times when we discuss failure and how we must embrace it, we forget to think of it as a partner. It’s part of the journey. And it should never define us, but refine us.

This brought it all home for me.

A positive mindset is needed, we must embrace failure, and be the example that lead our teams!

Overall, this book is a fantastic addition to Jon’s library of titles. It captures a little bit of each of his previous books and brings it together under one roof that starts and ends with positivity. A must read for anyone that loves a big message in a short book!

2 thoughts to “The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon [Book Review]”

  1. Hi, Jon, this is another awesome post by you. I love the positive mindset. It’s the only way to go. It’s not easy either. It can be very difficult at times. “Embracing failure” sounds like one of those times, but it’s the best way to deal with it. We need to look at the bright side of what we have learned from failure. We need to use our intellect more and not just our emotions to guide us through this journey.
    Thanks for this review from a great author! 🙂

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