Problem Solving In One Easy Step

Problem Solving...One Step At A Time

Being an entrepreneur truly is like being on a roller coaster. You have ups and downs and just when you think it’s smooth sailing, there’s a few more dips to keep you awake…One of the things that is a constant in business is the problems that arise and how we tackle them has so much to do with our success as an entrepreneur.

So we all agree…Things will come up! So the next question is how do we tackle these problems…

I found a great way to deal with issues head on that helps me in many aspects of life.

Let’s just say, there are 3 pressing issues that are holding me back today. Some will say, tackle the biggest most pressing issue first but I would argue, tackle the problem that you can solve the QUICKEST.


Shouldn’t we concentrate on the biggest and most pressing issue first?

You see, if we tackle the problem that can be fixed the quickest, look at our list of problems….It’s gone down by one. Now instead of 3 issues that need to be handled, we only have 2.

It has freed us up and brought our stress down a level. The mountain of issues looks like an ant hill now instead of Mount Everest.

Get the next issue dealt with and bam! 3 problems have become 1…

It might seem to simple. Too good to be true even. However this is how I’ve tackled problem solving for years and speaking from experience…It works.

Here are your action steps:

1. Write down the problems facing your business…

2. Find the one that you can tackle and fix the quickest!

3. Work on it and then….Congrats! You have one less problem!

Use this method to tackle your ‘problems’ each and every day in business and you almost start to welcome them. Because here’s the best part…Keep tackling the problems, they start becoming accomplishments. Which start adding up and that brings you success!

5 thoughts to “Problem Solving In One Easy Step”

  1. Agreed unless you have one that is urgent that may lead to consequences or more problems if not done. So I would say urgent (if any) then quickest before biggest. The main reason besides giving yourself a psychological boost for having achieved today (+1 all the way) is I like problem solving. This means If I get into the big problem I can get involved and blinkered to everything else. This means that if it takes a long time all those quick problems have probably grown into something not so quick.
    Same when tackling a large problem break it down into smaller parts …and… do all the quick parts first leaving you clear to get to grips with the meat of the problem.

    1. Yeah that’s a good point…If it’s life or death…Choose life LOL

      But what I’m referring to is the day in and day out problems that arise. The annoying stuff that pops up daily lol

  2. One thing you never want to do is procrastinate. Another is make excuses… There are those that will spend more time trying to justify why they can’t do something, than the time it takes to just get it done…

    It also helps to stay organized along the way – when you are done with something, put it where it belongs… if you wait then you just added another thing (or ten) to your list!

  3. the only thing that i can complete is one side only i all ways do the white side first but then when im done with the white side i cant do anything else. But someone on my bus when i go to school in the morning, someone in 3rd grade can complete the rubix cube in 8 seconds

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