Promoting STEEM…It’s What We Can Control!

It goes without saying…We all love STEEM!

From it’s massive potential as a thriving social media hub, to all the development that takes place here every day. We’re all big fans!

But being ranked #59 on CoinMarketCap seems like massive disrespect. We have the most real world use cases, a huge community and some of the most innovative projects on any blockchain…However for reasons unknown (and some very well known) we are not where we should be…

We have a few options…

1. Wait for Steemit Inc to fire something up. Whether it’s contests, more development, upvotes, investing in a social media presence or even tending to their official Facebook page (If you guys need someone to handle that, let me know lol…Will work for upvotes!!!) Look, they have enough on their plate. And only they know what’s going on behind the scenes. We can sit here and wave a fist at the clouds, but that won’t solve a thing…Steemit Inc is going to do what they are going to do…As long as it’s these cost cutting initiatives and SMT’s…I’m not going to complain…

2. Wait for some big time investor to jump on board and start leading the charge to bring awareness to the blockchain. Sounds great on paper, but let’s be honest…Being a #59 coin isn’t very sexy right now. A lot of projects in the top 20 get a TON of support because well…They appear attractive to the investor. So waiting for an angel investor to show up….Isn’t the best solution.

3. We do this our damn selves!

From projects like #Seven77 by @NathanMars to all the fantastic work @theycallmedan has been doing to bring awareness to the projects being developed here, we are a grass roots movement with some amazing potential. I’ve seen a number of amazing initiatives take place since I’ve been on STEEM….From @stephenkendal ‘s Promo-Steem to all the work being done by @Oracle-D , STEEM’s community is doing everything it can to keep this blockchain visible to the masses…

I’m trying to do my part as well.

I’ve put everything I’ve got into the @SteemSavvy project and our little community is doing great!

Pop by and say hi in our Discord 😉 We give our free STEEM airdrops as well as plenty of @SteemBasicIncome for being an active participant in our community 🙂

I’m also looking forward to bringing the memberships from my off-chain businesses to STEEM in the next few weeks…I have over 200,000 members that will be introduced to cryptocurrency and more specifically…STEEM!

But tonight, I got a little creative lol

I decided to create a super simple ‘infographic‘ to raise awareness for Steem.

Let me be CRYSTAL clear….I’m no graphic designer and by no means am I saying this is Picasso-esque artwork. But it’s something I did, it took me a few minutes…And I’m going to share it on my social media networks…

Simple stuff. That we have COMPLETE control over.

And that’s the message of this post really…To suggest that WE need to be the ones to raise awareness for STEEM. We cannot wait for angel investors to save us or powers that be to promote the blockchain…It has to be us.

And for good reason too. We talk about how much of a community STEEM is, and how passionate we all are…So let’s prove it!

If you want to use this infographic, please feel free to do so. Heck if you even wanna edit out the SteemSavvy footer, that’s fine. I just wanna see STEEM win!

Imagine if we all did a little bit more…

To bring awareness to STEEM and how great this blockchain is…I believe that is something we CAN control and should….Every single day!


Are you new to STEEM? We want to help @SteemSavvy

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