Promoting The Upvote Culture

I had quite the light bulb moment last week when I was reading a brilliant post by @khaleelkazi

In it, he talks about what we need to understand when it comes to being an author or creator on Steem. One of the points he discussed was what he called ‘Upvote Culture’…

Arguably one of the best aspects of the Steem blockchain is that we can ‘reward’ the content we like and depending on how much Steem we have staked, can be anywhere from a fraction of a penny for the author or sometimes hundreds of dollars.

It’s what Steem was known for and I know this frustrates a lot of folks on the blockchain…

We don’t like to talk about ‘the rewards pool‘ as a selling point to bring people over to Steem. We want to be known for so much more, and rightfully so…

But it’s there! And it’s part of the DNA of Steem.

Personally….I think we should celebrate it!

And I know, it’s going to dry up eventually and there is only so much to go around…Which brings up the point of downvoting. We’ve beaten that dead horse…

Let’s just say I live in this ‘naive and utopian’ mindset where…

This will almost always be at 100% for me!

Sure I will downvote spam or abuse, but at the end of the day…If I don’t like what you post, disagree with it or how much you are receiving in rewards…I move along.

And this brings us back to the ‘Upvote Culture’!

The culture of supporting and rewarding people that are, dipping their toes into the blockchain space for the first time.

People that may have had dreams of writing a blog, mustered up the courage to do so, and took that leap of faith!

Or maybe it’s a content creator that is sick of being silenced on traditional social media. And they are here to get their content seen, without any fear of being ‘silenced’.

That’s the beauty of the Steem blockchain…We can reward these people!

We can, as @khaleelkazi states, TIP these authors and creators to show our appreciation for their hard work. And to me, that’s just down right…Awesome!

The biggest benefit is that it brings creators and regular folks to the blockchain. Who may have never dove into anything ‘crypto’ related but here on Steem, they can use it and earn it every single day.

This is so powerful!

Forget trying to figure out what should be considered ‘quality content’…If you like it, upvote it. If you don’t, find another Steemian to upvote…Believe me, we have some amazing people here on Steem!

And while the arguments rage on ‘Crypto Twitter‘ about how blockchains need to focus on adoption and actual use cases, we’re sitting here smiling 🙂

Don’t underestimate how powerful your upvote can be! Even if it’s just worth a fraction of a penny….

It shows people that they are appreciated. It shows them they are valued. And it shows them that they can have a home here, on Steem, to grow and be rewarded daily.



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