The Purple Spotted Golden Unicorn of Internet Marketing [VIDEO]

I read an amazing blog post earlier this week that inspired me to talk about this heated but almost comical subject…The hype and lies of the internet marketing world.

The post was from a marketer named Andy Brocklehurst and in it, he argued that most don’t have what it takes to build an online marketing business. And I couldn’t agree more…

It’s not that the opportunities aren’t out there, far from it. I truly believe it’s the mindset of the people this industry seems to attract.

Now here’s where I add my two cents into the discussion…

We need a scape goat! Let’s point the finger shall we? We’ll call this little bugger the Purple Spotted Golden Unicorn of Internet Marketing.

While he’s prancing and dancing around the industry, he spews lies like these;

“You can make money immediately from this opportunity!”

“It’s so easy, even my kid can do it!”

“30 days from now, you’ll be financially free…”

Oh that little unicorn….He sure does tell a good fib.

Now for the reality check…In my almost 2 decades of being in business online, I have yet to see anyone strike it rich overnight. What I have seen is tens of thousands of dollars in investments in ones business. I’ve seen late nights and early mornings working on ad copy and email campaigns. I’ve seen a whole lot of stress, too much in fact. And don’t forget the bickering and drama that sometimes pops up…

Nope , no instant riches there….

But here’s what I have seen as well:

A Love For The Hustle – When you genuinely LOVE what you do for a living, nothing will stop you. Internet marketing truly is the greatest business on planet earth, and when you love it THAT much, it’s never a job.

Being Thankful It’s Hard – As Andy states, 95% of the people that start an online business won’t be around in a year, and that translates into low competition for those that stick to it and keep moving forward!

The Journey Is Where The Wealth Is Found – The relationships you build. The networks you grow. The connections you make. Everything you learn….The journey is where your fortunes will be found. Stop worrying about immediate ROI and look at the big picture. Think of working on your business and passions for a year, that’s 365 days of awesome growth and learning! I guarantee you, 365 days of experience will transform your life AND real opportunities will start to pop up because of that investment in time…

The money will be there, when you put the JOURNEY first!

So does it exist? That fancy spotted unicorn we’ve all heard of? It does…And it’s nasty. The problem is that we don’t see it for what it truly is…It’s not the instant riches we’re promised. It’s not the 30 days to financial freedom we’ve been told it is…It’s hype. It’s a fairy tale….And it’s designed to do one thing only, separate you from your hard earned money.

The legit opportunities are out there, but to this day, I truly believe the best opportunity online is…You!

Invest in yourself, everyday!

12 thoughts to “The Purple Spotted Golden Unicorn of Internet Marketing [VIDEO]”

  1. Bang on Mr. Olson!

    A reporter asked Mick Jagger how it felt to be an ‘overnight’ success when the Stones topped the charts the first time. His reply? “Great! And it only took 15 years of practicing 8 hours a day to do it!”

    There is no instant gratification in business. It takes time, effort, and contrary to internet hype, money. You have to invest in yourself LONG before anyone else will.

    We both know that the best -return- is the relationships we build with others. I have never made more than pocket change by joining some “Purple Spotted Golden Unicorn” program in the past 20+ years . . . combined!

    I have, though, seen returns that were quite substantial as a result of working WITH others over that same period. It is the time (and yes, money) best spent by far,

    Great topic, and one that needs to be in front of more people, more often. 🙂

  2. Hi Jon. Yes so many people jump from program to program. I see it all the time. I’ve had hair falling out more than it use to. 🙂 It’s turning white faster than ever. But I’m not giving up. I am stubborn and persistent. I’m going to make it work. Adkreator is all I have now. I sold my car in September 2015. I’m having it worked on slowly but surely into a new script (mobile friendly) but have no idea when it will be done. So don’t get excited yet. I’m getting Payza and a Credit Card processor very soon. Jon this is really hard. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is own a business and trying to make it work better. But I am working it into a positive thing and will read the book you sent me (got it yesterday evening) Be Obsessed or Be Average. 🙂 I love your Pink Unicorn or Purple Spotted Golden Unicorn of Internet Marketing image! Very cute.

    1. And it gets harder…And that’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur….Most people dont have it in them to go through the hard stuff….When you do, that literally separates you from the masses.

  3. Hi Jon, thanks for the post.

    Good read as always.

    As you well know Ron and I have been
    here for a long time.

    Yes at times it’s been hard and this
    is just another one.
    However we are staying the Course.

    I have a wonderful Dream.

    That all the Serious TE Owners
    and Innovative Marketers
    Would band together and build
    something GREAT.

    Happy Holidays and let us Ring in
    2017 together.

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