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Push Vs. Pull Strategies On STEEM

Over the past few weeks I’ve been rebuilding my affiliate marketing training platform. Since 2011 I’ve been training affiliate marketers on everything from traffic generation to lead generation…But it’s time for a refresh!

Some of the information I was sharing hasn’t been updated since 2011 so this is a much needed change…

I’m even going to be introducing STEEM into this platform and giving my members a brief introduction to the blockchain and how they can leverage it for anything they want to build online…

While poking around these lessons I have been re-doing, I found my old ‘Push Vs. Pull’ marketing lesson. In it, I argue that instead of pushing our brands, advertisements and sales pitches to our customers and leads…We should be PULLING them into us and start the path towards proper engagement.

Sounds familiar huh?

So of course I began to ask myself…

How do we bring this method of ‘marketing’ and put it into the DNA of what we are doing on STEEM?

What I discovered was that…We spend the bulk of our time here engaging already! And I think that’s a fantastic foundation for what STEEM will become. Let me explain…

When STEEM first launched, it was branded as a place to blog and get paid for writing content. It was pretty attractive to the O.G.s here on STEEM to write a blog post and then…Presto…You earned $1000’s in rewards.

So our first ‘marketing message’ here was…PUSHING the benefits and potential rewards. The pioneers of STEEM pushed the message of a better social media network. A place where you got rewarded. And no one could bring down your content.

Ahhhh the good ol’ days 🙂

Wish I was here for them, cause I woulda stocked up on sooooo much Steem Power lol

But now…STEEM is much more than a place to blog and get rewarded for your thoughts. As @JustineH put it in her recent video…. “Steem is the way the internet SHOULD be!”

This is massive. And it all sounds great on paper but….

But how do we pull people here?

It’s done through….

Engagement – via the amazing applications found here on Steem. From games, to mobile apps and everything in between. We’ve got some of the best tech online!
Discussions – Through some fo the best blogging apps and social media apps out there. Sure, it’s not the main focus of STEEM, but it’s part of it’s history!
Communities – Just in case you weren’t aware yet…You can find your HOME here on STEEM! The communities on Steem are passionate and supportive to everyone that jumps onboard!

When I taught the Push Vs. Pull strategy, I told people that when they were setting up an email autoresponder series, the first email they should write to their lists was not only a welcome greeting…But an attempt to PULL people to their social media platforms, their blogs, their forums…Pull them to where the communication and relationships could flourish.

Folks…That’s what STEEM excels at: Engagement! Discussions and Communities!

Pushing the message that we have a better option than Facebook and Twitter, won’t work in my opinion. To be brutally honest, the everyday social media consumer doesn’t care that things are centralized or decentralized…YET.

But we do care about other people….

We care about belonging to and building amazing communities…And that’s what will PULL people to Steem!

Maybe I’m just living in this crazy utopian dream, but to me…When we spend more time pulling these people towards us, instead of pushing our promises of big rewards and sales pitches…Steem will win.

But yeah, I might be losing it….

Would love to DISCUSS this and see what you think 🙂


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