Quantity Is Quality Because Consistency Is The Key

I have to thank Rich Taylor for slapping me upside the head today! No he didn’t physically slap me, but he mentally did because of something he shared with a private affiliate marketing group we are both in on Skype. It was the perfect message, at the right time 🙂

He shared with me a video from a guy named Roberto Blake. And while I’ve heard of him before, I didn’t ever watch any of his videos until today. In the video he talked about the need for people to stop over thinking actually ‘creating’ things. He discussed that his ‘quality content’ came from consistency putting things out there. As he put it, quantity ended up being his quality.


What a broken record this is right?

How many times have you heard me on a live stream talk about staying the course. Actually showing up every day and crushing it? Heaven forbid, being there as much in a year from now as you are today.

This I believe is the single biggest lesson anyone can learn when it comes to online business or affiliate marketing success. And it’s a huge part of the DNA of the Plus 1 mentality.

Let’s be better at sunset than we were at sunrise. But let’s DO IT AGAIn tomorrow. And then next day.

Here’s the nugget.
You can only become ‘better’ when you actually do something. And do it consistently. We are so worried about failure, and putting out something that isn’t top quality we miss the biggest lesson in business and in life…Things don’t HAPPEN or change until you start doing them consistently.

Take a look at my blogs over the years (key point, over the YEARS)…I put stuff out there every week. Sure there are times like the past month that life gets in the way, but the majority of the time I am writing content, or doing a live stream / video…Each and every week. In fact, most weeks here at Plus 1 I do 2-3 pieces of content.

This is the lesson if you haven’t already got it…Consistency is the key to long term success. You need to show up day after day and put good things out there for your audience, regardless of what kind of reaction you are getting. No comments? Still put out content! People aren’t engaging yet with you? Doesn’t matter, keep putting out content! Subscribers aren’t flocking to your mailing lists? Who cares! Keep the content flowing…

Do this and you WILL find success.

Don’t do it, and well…You’ll find another excuse as to why you aren’t a success.

7 thoughts to “Quantity Is Quality Because Consistency Is The Key”

  1. Great blog, Jon! I watched the video as well & it inspired me even further to keep going for my goals. Sometimes fear gets in the way of them and the only way to get over fear is to push through it.
    After taking a major first step towards achieving my goals, I am fired up to keep on going. Consistency & perseverance really does pay off & it boosts confidence as well. Sometimes there are roadblocks and we all have them, but just keep on trucking. 🙂

    1. Bam! Yes ma’am and thank you very much for the comments. And that’s exactly it…roadblocks are just hurdles we must learn to go around or over come. 🙂

  2. Hi Jon.
    Congratulations on expecting the arrival of your Son in August. (that is my Birth Month as well 🙂 )
    Thanks for sharing this post and Video.
    Yes Consistency can be an Issue at Times. In my case it’s Health Issues. I have Diabetes 2.
    Some days are better then others. However I am managing it..

    I wish you and your Wife all the best.

    Monika Tuttle

    1. Thanks Monika, same here. Even though I have managed it well and it’s very controllable now because of my diet. Still always a risk, I completely hear you 🙂

  3. Talk is cheap. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words.

    We all tend to ‘over think’ things at times. In some aspects, this can cause more problems than not thinking enough! It can lead to procrastination, the willingness to wait for some perceived ‘perfection’ that will NEVER happen on its own. Until you begin walking, the journey is nothing more than a dream – one that may never be realized.

    Along with consistency and action comes focus. Without focus, you may be walking, but only in circles. I see this often. There are many resources available to help you. Use them.

    Good post Jon! Happy that helped some. I know it did me! 🙂

    1. Yeah man, it really did. I can’t get enough of his latest blog post where he talks about 1000 pieces of content before traction…I love that. Gives me a huge goal to shoot for. Thanks for putting me onto him.

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