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  1. Follow your path, make it happen, look around you, surround yourself with different people. Dont be all about the me but the we. My message drones on to the same drum beat. Get out there and do it my friends . Long term vision brings long term success.

  2. Hello Jon.

    I must say I agree with you 1000%
    You continually brought out a very important point – we are in BUSINESS!!
    What in the heck has ever been “fair” in business?
    Yes, there are a lot of crooks out there and a lot goes on that shouldn’t, but that has been going on since Eve ate the fruit she was told not to eat, period.

    Now Jon, you know that I also tell it like it is, and that you and I have not seen eye-to-eye on some things – but you also know that I am still in this “race” because of YOU! From the point that I opened my ears and started listening to the things you were saying I have done nothing but learn. You encouraged me (and everyone else) NOT to give up. THAT is why I am still hanging in there.

    People forget that this “race” that we are in is a marathon, not a print. The ones who reach deep down and give it all that they have are the ones who complete the marathon. Also, there are many who complete the marathon, but there is only ONE first place winner – period. Do you hear the others (who completed the marathon) complaining that they should all get “the same recognition?” NO! The are “slap happy” that they COMPLETED the marathon.

    When that gun went off and the marathon started, everyone was as equal as it possible to be equal in this world. Sure, some can afford better shoes, some are more physically that others because they can afford to go to the gym or buy their own exercise equipment, but often the ones who COMPLETE the race are “Joe and Jane average.”

    People in this industry need to get real. This is BUSINESS. If you want to succeed you have to be as AWESOME as you can possibly be. PERIOD.

    Jon, I often think of how you began. I also think of all the people I now know (mainly as a result of CTP Teams) who are doing their thing even though they may be dealing with a host of problems. I am on a CTP team (both teams A and B) with some of the coolest people on the planet who I have learned a lot from. THAT is priceless.

    That said, everyone on my CTP team is different and does things in the way THEY see best. We give and take advice from each other, but in the end we each choose how we decide to run our individual BUSINESS(S).

    A “level playing field” simply does not exist. We all need to “get up off of our excuses,” be the best US that we can be, and stop blaming others for our lack of success. We need to be the one that “enters the Ark while the door is still open” and not complain when we “miss the boat.

    Jon, that was an outstanding Blab. Wish I could have been there live, but life has been very tough for me lately.
    Keep on doing what you do Jon. It helps.

    Take care all, and….
    Go Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!!

    1. Awesome John, thanks for sharing that man. So cool to read! And you hit the nail on the head…It’s a marathon! Not a sprint!

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