Random Marketing Thoughts At 12:47 A.M.

Every Thursday night we have our general webinar for ClickTrackProfit.

Part of the DNA of this program was always to meet with our members, in a live streaming environment to offer coaching, tips and tricks…But to be honest, the main reason was to build community!

Last night we painfully got through some horrible internet connections and managed to discuss Steem and all the exciting things taking place here! Not exactly sure what was the issue, but the stream on both @Vimm and *look away* Facebook, was choppy and froze numerous times…Anyways, I blame the Canadian internet providers lol

One of the topics we discussed was….



One of the longest running advertising and marketing concepts, it’s become the foundation of what we now call…Marketing or sales funnels.

The concept is pretty straight for…

Attention -> Interest -> Desire -> Action

Now there are many different variations of this model, but generally the idea is…You need to get people to know you, before they do business with you.

We really love focusing on the results!

The action!

I mean, that’s the big cheese right? That’s where the magic happens…Well last night I wanted to show our attendees, that without the ‘Attention and Interest‘, desire and action will never happen.

“That’s great Jon…What does this have to do with ANYTHING related to Steem?”

Well you see…We need to focus on ‘Attention’ mode for the foreseeable future. Did you read the update that Coindesk had on their front page this week? It was discussing Hard Fork 21….

And what was brilliant was @TheyCallMeDan ‘s call to action…Where he asked for Steem’s help to like the post on Twitter and share it with as many people as we could…



That’s the ticket to all this marketing stuff if you ask me…

The more we do this, the more attention we will generate.

I’m a little upset with the people who didn’t support @NathanMars and everything he put into this blockchain. This man ‘got it’ when it came to generating ‘Attention‘. Some of his campaigns and ideas were absolutely fantastic on a marketing level because it got people talking, and generated plenty of attention. This is the kind of grass roots stuff that needs to happen if ‘desire and action’ will ever show up…

We NEED to continue to generate ATTENTION!

The more attention we get, the more discussions can take place. And the more discussions that happen, the more Steem will be seen for what it truly is…The greatest blockchain online 😉

(But I’m reallllllllly biased lol)

So I implore you….

If you are passionate about Steem, and think we have the best blockchain out there….

Talk about it!

Share it!

Use it!

Promote it!

And don’t stop after 2-3 days of doing this…The entire AIDA model highlights the importance of sticking with things for multiple exposures. Don’t just give up in a week because Steem doesn’t moon shot…



The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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