Raptors Win! All Is Right In The World…

Here we are….The 2019-2020 NBA Season has begun!

“Wait a minute dude….Isn’t this supposed to be the Noob Night Cryptocast? I think I lost @RichardTaylor LOL He just got to Thailand and has been enjoying the country, so I thought I’d lay off bugging him this week ;)”

So back to the NBA…And the 2019 World Champion Toronto Raptors unveiled their rings and banner tonight to kick off the season…

Yeah you read that right….

toronto raptors

Let’s just say, I haven’t stopped celebrating since Mid-June when the ‘Larry O.B.’ made it’s way North of the Border…

What a time to be alive!

So super quick backstory…I’m a Day 1 Raptors fan…Like, literally, day 1….


That’s me and few of my buddies about 24 years ago…Being Super-Raptor Fan Boys!

We tried to get to every game that we could back in those days (because it was still affordable for nose-bleed seats lol). So I know about the horrible years this franchise has endured.

Back to tonight….

I shed some tears when that banner got raised to the rafters in Toronto. My son kinda looked at me strange when he saw his Dad sobbing like a heart broken teenager…But wow, what a night!

Of course, barely won the game lol But that’s what it’s like being a Raptors fan…Expect, disappointment LOL But not this night, and not last year.

We had a HUGE night from Pascal Siakum and Fred VanVleet…Two guys that will be in charge of the offence this year since ‘What It Do Bay-Bee’ took his talents to Souther California.

And wow…What a night did these two have…In fact, a quick look at the stat sheet for the two games that took place tonight will reveal something…Special 🙂

Most points tonight:

Siakam – 34
VanVleet – 34
Leonard – 30
Green – 28

That Leonard guy had himself a night…Danny Green of the Lakers put up 28 too…And you guessed it, each of those four guys were Raptors last year.


One could only imagine what this team would have done to the Eastern Conference again if they all came back to try and repeat…But it is what it is..I still LOVE the squad that Masai Ujiri (Raptors President) has put together.

So here we are…New season. New champs. And a HUGE opportunity to shock the world again…

Often overlooked and to this day, many Raptor fans feel like they are never respected as a franchise…We’re excited regardless.

Let’s go Raptors….1 of 82 in the books 🙂

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