Reach Up, Not Down [VIDEO]

That pesky old comfort zone! How do we reach up and get out of it? How do we get uncomfortable each and every day to push ourselves further?

In today’s talk, I discussed why I see so much struggle online because most new marketers and even experienced ones refuse to reach up and start doing business with people in better positions than they are. This isn’t just unique to any one person, because trust me, we’ve fell victim to it ourselves with TimTech.

However let’s look at the numbers for a second…

Imagine you have a new membership site and it’s got a membership of 250 people…You are looking for potential JV partners and other marketers to help build your business and instead of pushing yourself to grow your site, you partner up with the guy or gal with a membership site of about 100 members.

Sure, you might get a few members join from their list but why not reach up?

Why not ask the program owner with 2500 members to help promote you. You may not be able to reciprocate the numbers they could, but you can offer help in other ways and it never hurts to ask.

You might get denied. You might not get a response…But what happens if you do?

What happens if that program owner with 25,000 members agrees to help you out? You are out of your comfort zone and one step closer to success.

If we did this more, reach up rather than reach down…We would see some great growth for ourselves and our business.

But it starts with that pesky comfort zone again…And our courage and willingness to get out of it. And no one can help you with that, it’s a decision you have to make. However I guarantee you, the more uncomfortable you get, the more growth and success you will see.

2 thoughts to “Reach Up, Not Down [VIDEO]”

  1. Awesome post Jon! I am going for it! I am reaching up! I am asking other owners (some small and some big) to share strategies for success. I am going to the top! in this crowd by asking you Jon! I think it will happen. Maybe not right away but the potential is there. Looking forward to all that can be! 😉

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