Reach Out & Get To Know Different Tribes On Steem

I’m extremely grateful for the CTP Tribe!

I believe that this little community of entrepreneurs are some of the best people on Steem, and across the affiliate marketing industry! It’s a tribe filled with thoughtful leaders, savvy marketers and people that…In fact put PEOPLE first!

And yesterday I was reminded of that inside our tribe’s Discord server...

One of the biggest contributors in ClickTrackProfit has been @PH1102 and his comment made me realize what a HUGE opportunity we have here on Steem…And also how I’ve been failing at realizing it….

You see, CTP Talk may have a few dozen regular contributors to the tribe…But there are thousands of active Steemians, creating and engaging everyday. And if we want more people to come into our community…We need to reach out to them first!

And like I said, I’ve been so focused on CTP, I’ve missed the boat when it comes to taking part in the amazing tribes on Steem.

This is actually a fantastic lesson in business as well…And here’s why.

On Monday night I hosted a webinar where I went over my 5-500-5000 Formula…And what is the first lesson I usually teach?

The need for daily engagement!

The problem is, I’ve been ONLY engaging in my circle….

And if I want to bring more value to my tribe and my community, I think I owe it to them to…Reach out! And get to know more of the amazing people here on Steem.

There are amazing things taking place in @Steem.Leo ! @ReggaeSteem is crushing it. @SportsTalkSocial is something I enjoy….Why aren’t I doing more with these amazing tribes?

Here’s the business nugget…

You need to reach out. Everyday!

Remember that like attracts like and people are attracted to ‘action takers‘ in business. If you just talk to the same 5 people ONLY every day, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Now let’s be SUPER clear on this…All the ‘reaching out’ must be done ALONG with maintaining the level of engagement and commitment you have within your own tribe. Because if your community thinks you have abandoned them, your ‘trust level’ will slide…

People do business with those they know, like and TRUST…So please do not think I’m suggesting you ‘leave for greener pastures‘. This is all about BUILDING attraction to your business and community. Simply by showing others you can add value to their tribe as well.

We still fly under the radar in the crypto space, and I believe Steem is at it’s best when we are supporting each other. And if we can build each other up, engage with different tribes and attract like minded people…We will have a bright future!

So I encourage you, don’t just get into your comfort zone / tribe and stay in your corner. Get out there and meet the other amazing creators on Steem…



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