Reading 60 Books A Year! Is That Even Possible?

I was poking around Facebook today and a sponsored ad showed up discussing my favorite topic – Books! It was from MentorBox a cool book-of-the-month type club online that had a glaring statistic that grabbed my attention immediately…

In their ad, they claimed that the average successful CEO in American reads about 60 books a year!


That’s over a book a week and while I know some folks may shake their head at that number, I know for a fact it’s possible.


Because I read about 2 books a week LOL

But I understand the frustration with hearing numbers like that when you can’t even get through a book a month. Hey let’s face it, some people just simply don’t like reading books. However that doesn’t mean your personal development and self-education needs to suffer. In 2017 there are lots of ways you can build up your knowledge base, here’s a few for those that might ‘fall asleep when reading’…

1. Watch Videos / Training – Maybe you are an audio / visual learner and need to see things unfold in front of you. No problem because of all the awesome information that’s out there (mostly for free) online! Just Google your niche of choice and your passions, you’ll find training and education on that topic. YouTube isn’t just for watching cat videos 🙂

2. Podcasts – Maybe reading isn’t your thing but listening to people talk and discuss topics is. Perfect! Podcasts might be exactly what you are looking for. You can learn (again, mostly for free) from some of the top names in your industry on their weekly seminars. Just Google your favorite leader or success coach and I will almost guarantee, they have a podcast!

3. Audiobooks – Similar to podcasts, this is a great way to get information but in an audio format. But here’s the best part of audiobooks, you can literally ‘read’ a book that is being recommended on Plus 1 Daily by purchasing and downloading the audio book version of it. Talk about a HUGE win! Learn from the greats, usually in their own voice, and get educated on their tips, tricks and lessons!

4. Live Streams – Similar to video training, but adds the element of engagement. This is relatively new when it comes to digesting content and training and I’,m a huge fan of it! It combines audio, visual and engagement to create at atmosphere that some people thrive in. Maybe reading isn’t for you, but talking with others and networking with them is…A great choice!

And I can go on and on…

The point being, there are fantastic ways for you to ‘learn’ and grow daily. Personal development is a choice and an important one at that. You need to get into the habit of growing…DAILY!

And with all these choices, there are no more excuses…Let’s get learning today! Your future self will thank you.

4 thoughts to “Reading 60 Books A Year! Is That Even Possible?”

    1. LOL Wow, that’s impressive. Yeah I can get going and bang out a 200 page book in a few hours. But I’m trying to pace myself these days. About 2 books a week in my average these days. Of course my to-be-read pile has become an entire bookshelf now LOL

  1. Hi Jon,

    You know I’m 100% behind what you say.

    Reading is a topic I’ve been thinking on. I know from reading a wide variety of books the ideas quite often cross pollinate to bring flashes of insight, tons of ideas, and aha moments. Throw in some YouTube videos, a pod cast or two, Success Magazine and the mix gets explosive.

    My question for myself, is how do I inspire more people to get engage is what is clearly a very import success principles?

    I’m still asking the question.


    1. I got an idea….I’ll send ya a note about it this week.

      But yeah, that’s the big thing….Showing people the massive benefit of self education and constant improvement.

      Man, it’s a great ‘bug’ to catch!

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