Reading – Fundamental To Business Growth

Reading. Jon Olson talks about the power of knowledge often here. If you are not expanding your knowledge base, then you are an active participant in your own obsolescence.

While Jon and I both read books, I tend to read research reports/publications more. There is a multitude of places to find studies on just about anything you could ever want to learn or understand better. Yes, it can be somewhat -dry- reading, as they are written to impart the facts and findings, and not to entertain for the most part.

I spent the weekend evaluating a report (and support data) recently released by the State of Colorado, Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), titled “Rural Economic Resiliency In Colorado”.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Ok, maybe not so much.  It was part of some research for a presentation I want to offer the Chamber of Commerce where my offline venture is located.  The talk will be about building long-term community resiliency and growth within a currently limited market.  Yeah, still not that exciting, I know.  It was what happened after my eyes glazed over and my thoughts began to ramble that I found . . . interesting.

After returning with a fresh cup pot of coffee, I noticed that the diagrams and lines of thought scribbled on the various whiteboards and flat surfaces around my office had two distinct patterns.  One being the presentation and how the report added value to the concept.  The other was manifesting the data discussed into the social media community I am developing to enhance my own business presence.

Holy guano Batman!  Traditional business aspects DO convey to the internet!

Ok, I already knew that, and I am sure you do as well.  But we tend to overlook at what depth that can actually take at times.

Community/business development, online or off, takes planning, time, and effort.  As this report demonstrated, the difference in how it is approached will determine the effectiveness of the campaign, and the future.  Not only can failure to properly prepare not achieve the goals, it can leave you in a position far worse than where you started.

The more information we have, the better prepared we are to make the best choices along the journey.  Learning (not just reading) from others helps to broaden our outlook.  We can begin to identify the steps to achieve our goals and continue onward.  The focus of our actions becomes targeted to success.

If you look through the archives of this blog you will find the many articles Jon has about various books that can help you, and as such, your business, grow.  The resources to attain knowledge are almost endless on the internet today.  It is, however, up to YOU to make the effort to better yourself.

No, you don’t have to read reports from academia.  Nor are you -required- to read, or do, more of anything.  You can keep on doing what you have and continue to get the same results.

Oh, almost forgot the point of all this over that report!

You never know where you may find that nugget of information that makes something come together.  Sometimes, it’s the craziest chain of events that cumulates in inspiration.  Because I am a tad strange, and actually LIKE reading such things, the insight gained with regard to what others have successfully put into play has already presented potential avenues of opportunity to explore, online and off.  Ones I would possibly never have considered prior to this.

If you truly want to “walk the walk” as you travel down this path on the journey, reading, listening, and expanding your knowledge is fundamental to your future.  The amount of effort you are willing to invest today will be directly seen in the results of tomorrow.



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9 thoughts to “Reading – Fundamental To Business Growth”

  1. Interesting read and interesting perspective. I too am a voracious reader. Always have been since a child.
    (ever get caught with the flashlight under the covers when you were supposed to be sleeping?)

    A lot of my research, for my blog, for my readers, is so they have some facts to offset the fiction predominant in chats.

    I never tire of learning new facts, fun details, and new insights. But i do have a twist to add to what does interest me. I am an avid Stephen King fan.

    A little horror tends to offset the dull presentations all too common on the web.

    Keep up the great posts.

    1. Hello Fran!

      I was one of those lucky kids whose parents didn’t mind me staying up to read. Within reason, of course.

      Research paid my bills for years. Old habits die hard, and I still enjoy doing it. Like you, I prefer to deal in facts, proven science, and so forth. Makes it easier that way!

      Stephen King lived in Colorado for a while. Been by his house, but only after he moved. I enjoy some of his books, Not my first literary choice though. Sci-fi for the win! 🙂

      Do appreciate you reading, and the comment!

  2. Good post Richard. You are so good at making your blog posts visual. I won a book from Jon Sunday! I will be getting it in a week, and I must read it. It’s about Being Obsessed with your business. Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone . I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m not good at reading books, I never was. But because I won this book from Jon it’s really special! 🙂

  3. We should do as much research as possible into what can make our businesses better.
    Reading is key to that. It is an investment of time that should be made if we truly wish to succeed.
    Very nice post.

    1. John,

      My Jr. High English teacher always said: “If you are not learning, you are not living”.

      But then again, she also told me I was ‘capable of so much more’ when I got those B’s in her class!

      Reading (and understanding it) is truly an investment in yourself. The more you know, the more you can do. We should all strive to be better tomorrow than we were today.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Interesting read, Richard. I also read a lot. Often several books at the same time… well, not at the same time but I’m sure you know what I mean. I need different kinds of books ready for my mind. I might start on one for a little while, close it and open one that is totally different. For instance ne about money and the other about a crime story, Agatha Christie perfered.
    I’ll surf your blog a bit more before i move on.

    1. Hello Xarah Dax

      Yes, I do understand having several books ongoing at the same time. I do that as well.

      Agatha Christie is an excellent writer. I have read several, My wife enjoys them as well. One of the few things we can agree on about books!

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy exploring the blog. Jon Olson has some excellent info here too. 🙂

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