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Real Change In 4 Easy Steps [VIDEO]

I’ve been revisiting a lot of the topics I have gone over here at Plus 1 Daily this week. There sure is a lot of content 🙂 Lots of tips and tricks on how to be better at sunset than you were at sunrise. Of all of these tips, one has helped me more than any other…

I want to talk to you about this technique I picked up from reading Brian Tracy and Darren Hardy books. They refer to them as BHAG’s! Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Some of you may call them new year’s resolutions. Maybe you refer to them as you life goals. Whatever you call them…They are BIG!

They are your reasons why. The light at the end of the tunnel and the problem facing most people online is this…The goals are plentiful, the action steps aren’t though.

This technique helped me reach so many of my ‘big goals’ because it allowed me to put a game plan to achieve each goal I had written down.

I simply wrote down my BIG goal for the year and then 3 daily tasks that I could achieve, that helped me move towards my big goal.

Here’s how it worked;

Step 1 – I first decided (as an example) I wanted to add 1000 new subscribers to my mailing lists by the end of the year. This was my reason why. My big goal!

Step 2 – I wrote down one task such as creating social media tweets, posts and images that focused on giving my readers and followers tips and tricks on how to build their list. I created one piece of content / image a day!

Step 3 – I created content via one of my blogs. To the point where I literally had 3-4 new pieces of content a week that discussed email marketing, personal growth, online business, affiliate marketing, and related subjects.

Step 4 – I then made sure I met and networked with one new person a day. Via social media, chats, skype groups…Anywhere I could be around like minded people.

I did those three things, every day for a week. Then for a month. Then finally for a year.

The result? Well over a thousand new subscribers to my list…Over 1500 in fact.

And at the end of it I had…Hundreds of new images / pieces of content to be shared on social media. Hundreds of blog posts of content that people could review and read. And finally met hundreds of new people to add to my network.

All this from doing 3 things, that I knew I could do…Every day.

It gives you confidence in what you are doing but more importantly, a sense of achievement.

You start seeing REAL CHANGE and real results from your efforts and the best part is…It doesn’t cost you a dime. Just the dedication to see things through and consistent action each and every day.

Try this! I know it’ll help you….I changed the way I set my goals and achieved them forever.

2 thoughts to “Real Change In 4 Easy Steps [VIDEO]”

  1. Funny how writing down specific tasks you can do each day to accomplish a goal (and then doing them) can bring success in achieving said goal…!! Great advise Jon.

    1. Thanks Ralph, yeah man…It starts to add up. And quickly. Before you know it, you are 21 steps closer to your goal only after a week…

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