The Real Truth About Making Money Online [VIDEO]

I want the truth! You can’t handle the truth!!

A classic line from the movie A Few Good Men. And the reality for most people trying to make money online. They hear of all the millions being made without lifting a finger and think to themselves that they will be able to earn a real living from just turning on their computer. It’s so easy right? Watch any pitch video or read and any copy and you’ll hear about how easy it is to strike it rich online.

I’m about to uncover the truth when it comes to making money online and while most people that read this or watch my seminar below will shrug it off, some of you will have your ‘ah-ha’ moment…I hope you see, making money online is possible, but the truth might scare you.

Here it is…You need to STICK OUT from the crowd!

Best selling author Seth Godin calls it being a ‘purple cow’ and I could not agree more. And here’s 5 tips to help you stick out from the crowd and be remarkable in an industry that settles for average too many times.

1. Have Your Own Opinion – This will lead to you having a following and attracting like minded people into your circle. Not everyone will agree with you but people will respect you. The more your opinion is heard, the more you are looked at as a leader and expert in your chosen niche. The best way to get your opinion heard is through social media and your own blog!

2. It’s O.K. To Piss People Off – Now this doesn’t mean going out and being rude and trying to start arguments, but when you start forming your opinion on things people will either agree or disagree. Sometimes they take it a step further and start pointing fingers and claiming you are wrong and can get nasty about it. Accept it. It’s part of being ‘out there’ while most are too scared to stick out from the masses. You want debate. You want people to challenge you. It’s a sign that you are moving forward.

3. Take Chances
– Take a chance on yourself. On your dreams. And on your vision for your business. When I got started online, I quit my day job to spend all my time working on my business. Which was even scarier because back then, my son was just born. So I needed to provide for him and I knew I couldn’t do that making 300 bucks every two weeks at my offline job. So I took a chance and focused non-stop on building my online business. It was worth the risk, because almost 15 years later, I’m loving every minute of it and living my dream!

4. Invest In Yourself – It’s fine to take chances on yourself and business but if you are not investing in it and yourself…Well. Most people don’t spend a dime on their self-education and personal growth. Most people get Cousin Ed to design their websites or blogs. Don’t fall for the trap. Invest in yourself and your business will grow. People can see quality a mile away and this will help you stick out even more.

5. Spend Money – Oh I lost you now didn’t I? All the previous points you might have agreed with but when it comes to actually investing in your business, hiring professional designers and programmers…Oh man, that’s not what you signed up for! We’re supposed to spend nothing and make all the money? At least that’s what we are told. No, it’s pretty simple…If you make your brand, your website and your image look like a million bucks, you will attract the right business.

It’s time we stop selling average products to average people. Let’s stick out and sell remarkable services and products to remarkable individuals!

13 thoughts to “The Real Truth About Making Money Online [VIDEO]”

  1. The largest cattle feedlot in North America is about 10 miles from me. They have a pen right beside the highway that has not only purple cows but lime green and orange ones!

    It is part of a marketing/advertising campaign they are running to bring more attention to their brand.

    In a business that has 1000’s of competitors, you make the choice to ‘blend in’ with the herd or STAND OUT as a leader. Make that choice. Do what it takes. INVEST in yourself. Or be happy with what you have now, as it probably won’t improve.

  2. Excellent suggestions here. I especially like the invest in yourself. You are the most important part of any bizop. I’d say spend money…but spend it wisely. Nobody likes to be ripped off. Make certain you’re getting what you’re paying for. Internet ops shouldn’t cost but expenses to build your biz is a different matter. One thing I’d suggest is to make certain you’re bizop isn’t a scam. You can Google or otherwise search for scam detector sites.

  3. I think success takes mindset. That “No quit, sink your teeth in, power through until the results come attitude” is in my opinion the only reason people will succeed at anything!

  4. There is so much value in this blog post and in the comments here, I think any newbies coming along and seeing this will be soaking it up and hopefully building their business better off of this, but there is one other thing which not many people talk about and that is faith. If you have faith in what you are doing, I mean real faith and then you match that up with visualisation and persistence you will see “The Secret” at work. Sometimes we work so hard and fatigue sets in and then disappointment comes along and then frustration and then all the ones saying I told you so, but…. If you stay true to your plan, have faith and be that persistent purple cow I think you will go along way. And hey…. I know I still have a lot of work to do on myself and my brand and my business it seems like a continuous work of art for me. What was that Japanese word again? 😉

  5. Thanks Jon!Face the truth thats it!!Good info that make me wake up and follow my taughts i been thinking for long time 95 % crap and BS out there thats way so many poor guys fail they selling crap and most buy the crap thats way walk the other direction.

    Thanks Buddy

    1. Thanks Ake, completely agree with those statements. It’s the sad fact that most opportunities aren’t all what is promised.

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