Rekindling Interest Is Plus 1 At Its Best

CTP Teams

If you are familiar with CTP Teams then you will know that this is a program which helps build up individuals by encouraging them to work as team players.

We are currently into the playoffs to find the overall champion for Season Three of the contest.

The basic idea is that members of CTP can form or join teams which then work together to win prizes.

Overall it has been a huge success but there we misjudged Season Three so that, towards the end, the activity dropped off.

So we needed to come up with a Plus 1 to get people excited about CTP Teams once again.

The activity dropped off because the season was too long and many teams thought there was no point in competing because they would not be able to win.

One way would have been to make Season Four more exciting – that is most certainly going to happen but that is a Plus 1 for another day.

We wanted a Plus 1 which would have almost instant results and we found it in introducing playoffs for the top 16 teams at the end of the season.

These teams would all compete for cash prizes. Just winning a single game is enough to guarantee a share of the playoff purse and Justin added more excitement by announcing additional cash prizes if any of the bottom four teams made it into the quarter finals.

The first round has just finished – playoffs rounds take place over 48 hours – and this has been a huge success.

Not only has revived interest in CTP Teams but we have seen more activity and teams battling hard like never before in order to do well in the play offs.

There is no doubt about it. This is a Plus 1 not just for us but for every single person taking part in the contest.


2 thoughts to “Rekindling Interest Is Plus 1 At Its Best”

  1. If this is all looked at from the proper perspective we should all be quite happy. CTP is much more than an Affiliate Program. It has done nothing but evolve over the years into something very dynamic. Personally I think it has put some much needed life back into the industry.

    CTP Teams has been a win win situation. A win for TimTech because they have earned cash and loyal customers. A win for CTP members because we have all not only been told to market, but have been taught how it can be done. Then on top of that we have been able to have some fun.

    When you step back and look at the big picture you will see that the “not fair” crowd will always whine and complain, but those who truly desire to achieve success and/or help others do the same, will always hang in there and keep trying or keep coming up with outstanding products and/or services for the market.

    Life is tough. business is tough. TimTech does not give us “pie in the ski.” They tell us the truth and teach us the truth. They are also rather blunt. But blunt is exactly what we need in this industry today. CTP Teams has been a win win situation for me because I have come together with folks I never dreamed I would get to know so well. I have learned so much from so many people and have also been so encouraged by so many people.

    People in my network have also taught me to get my head out of my backside and get to work. People in my network have also shown how much they care about me as an individual. For me CTP Teams has been an outstanding adventure. Best of all, thanks to CTP Teams and List Viral I am finally BUILDING MY LIST!!!

    Go Lucky 13 Too!
    Good Luck to our A team Lucky 13 as they have made the next round of the playoffs!

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