How To Be Remarkable At Affiliate Marketing [VIDEO]

Affiliate marketing! The gold standard for making money online? A pipe dream? A wish and a prayer? Or something each of us can excel at when we put our minds and action plans to good use. Here are a few tips that have helped me over the years build huge downlines in various programs and win a lot of affiliate marketing referral contests in the process.

1. Set Up A Private Training Blog / Course For Your Referrals – This was a huge nugget I used years ago when I first got started online and didn’t own any programs. Back then I was promoting a very popular online business and so was about 100,000 other affiliates. I knew I had to stick out from the crowd so what I did was develop a website that had articles, tips and tricks to get better results using the ‘online business’. I wrote a detailed auto responder series that trained new affiliates how to master their time using the program. Because of this, I would refer more people because I offered the added benefit of this private training. You can do this with ease today by using a members only blog and simple autoresponder service.

2. Create A Short PDF Report On The Product – This was a huge nugget that a good friend of mine Robert Puddy came up with years ago. Simply write a short 5-10 page report about the product you are trying to promote. Offer tips and tricks for readers to learn the in’s and out’s of the product and give them great value for downloading it. Not only will you get raving potential customers and referrals from it, but it will catch the eye of the program owner. And there is a very good chance, if the product looks great and is of good value, that they may even email their entire membership list promoting your free PDF report as well. Talk about an instant mailing list 🙂 Want some examples of this in action, check out Sunny Suggs!

3. Become THE Expert – I remember when GDI was the most popular program to promote years ago (it may still be I’m not sure). And there was one guy, named James Grandstaff who was looked at as THE expert in teaching people how to make money by promoting it. He knew everything about the program and was the go to guy. Same thing applies to ANY program you want to promote. Become THE expert. Learn everything you can about the program, the in’s and out’s the everything! People will SEEK you out and look for your advice on how to progress with the business opportunity.

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