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Do You Remember Your First Affiliate Commissions?

I love Fridays! This is the day that my company pays out our affiliate commissions and have done so each and every week since we first formed back in 2010.

That might seem like a long time, but then you compare it to when I first started to ‘attempt‘ to make money online and we’re looking back to 1998.

Yeah, almost 20 years ago.

And I just turned 40 years old this year, which means for almost half my life, I’ve been involved in some kind of affiliate and online marketing.

I don’t know whether to be happy or scared…

All joking aside, I love Fridays like I mentioned. I get a report every Friday morning from my business partner Justin Ledvina where he shows us who got paid and how much. The best feeling is seeing new names pop up from time to time and it makes me wonder…

Are these their first affiliate commissions? Is this the first time they’ve been paid from their hard work online?

Those questions excite me because it takes me back to when I got my first ‘check in the mail‘.

It was from a company called zWallet (if you remember them you have been in this business as long as I have lol) and it took me almost 2 years of blood sweat and tears to get paid. I got that big fat shiny check for $34.00 and framed it where I can see it forever and ever and ever….

Yeah right!

I was so broke I ran to the nearest check cashing place and tried to explain to them what ‘affiliate marketing’ was so they would accept the check. After much pleading…They did and I was $34 dollars richer. I wish I would have kept it and framed it though… 🙁

But that feeling!

It made it real! It made all the effort I put into my online business worth it. In my almost 2 decades of being in business online, I have never yet recaptured that…Feeling. It was special…

And that’s the message today…We can help others experience that feeling. Those first affiliate commissions make it real! It tells new marketers that it is possible with hard work, to build an income online. And with your help, they won’t have to wait almost 2 years to experience it 🙂

Work with your teams! Encourage your network! Lend a helping hand to your customers and then ask yourself…

Do you remember that feeling?

How exciting it was?

And now make it your mission to SHARE that feeling with others so they can experience the same thing.

2 thoughts to “Do You Remember Your First Affiliate Commissions?”

  1. Yep! $5 from Six-Figure-Income. I kept the check. It was that simple check that made me decide my ‘future’ was working online in some fashion. I choose program development rather than affiliate marketing but have been doing it full time since 2001.

    Amazing what a commissions payment can do for people. 🙂

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