I have been waiting for the ‘right time’ to make this blog post…And seeing that the world is coming to an end soon, might as well mention it now right 🙂

All jokes aside, I really want to talk to the person that is still on the ‘fence’ about this whole cryptocurrency and blockchain stuff. I’m speaking to the entrepreneur that may see some potential upside, but isn’t yet sold on how big this stuff will be in the future…

Over the past few years, I’ve replaced…Literally everything when it comes to my businesses online. From social media, to internet tools. I have found not only viable replacements for these tradition sites and services but MASSIVE use case for them as well…I wanted to share a few of these things that I’ve found and adopted, and show you how the future is VERY exciting for those of us in early adoption…

Decentralization is a fantastic concept on paper, and I’m all for it! However I’m much more interested in the actual use case….

Can I USE this stuff, everyday, to build my brands and my businesses…The resounding answer to that is..Yes!


Steem Replaced Facebook

There is much more that Steem brought to the table, but for simplicity sake, I wanted to highlight why I believe Steem is positioned perfectly to become everyone’s ‘home page’ online. The communities that are being formed here on Steem are a lot more attractive than any Facebook group could be. And cover your ears if you don’t wanna hear about the ‘opportunity’ here but it’s true…Steem is the perfect ‘entry’ point for people to crypto and the blockchain…Engage with the community, use the token and actually earn some in the process. Use case and being rewarded for doing so! That’s powerful!


Appics Replaced Instagram

I have a confession…I am not a fan of Instagram. The egotistical ‘selfie’ movement never captured my attention…But I get it. I understand why it’s so popular. That being said, for building brands, and marketing purposes, it’s very effective. So when a program like Appics came along…I was sold! Building a brand, on top of a blockchain, while being rewarded for doing so and engaging with a community? Sign me up! This platform is just getting it’s legs so for me, building on it NOW is critical…I’ll make multiple posts on Appics a week, and maybe 1 a month on Instagram. Replaced is an understatement…

brave browser

Brave Replaced Chrome & Firefox

Maaaaaaan! Do I love me some Brave Browser!!!! Remember above when I said ‘use case’, well the Brave browser along with it’s native token (BAT) are changing the way we use and surf the web forever. Not only do you get rewarded for viewing ads that ACTUALLY interest you, but you can pocket the BAT you earn and send it out into the world in the form of ‘tipping’. Talk about a win-win! I just see this becoming the new ‘way’ to use the internet and when it comes to the tech…Wow…brave actually speeds up your surfing and web browsing experiences like never before. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!


Presearch Replaced Google

Might be a stretch right now to make that claim, because we just co-exist in Googles world…But projects like Presearch and it’s PRE token have so much upside I can’t even begin to describe it. Imagine being rewarded in a token every time you do a search online? Well that’s what the team at Presearch is trying to do. A more community based search engine that rewards you for using it. I admit, this is a brand new project and who knows where it goes…But you can SEE where the blockchain can replace tradition, legacy type platforms. Personally, I have completely replaced Google for my search needs and now only use Presearch as my search engine!


Fire-Pay Replaced PayPal

Ahhh my mission in life! To give affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs a much more secure and safe way to do transactions online. By now you’ve read my PayPal history and when it happened, I made it my mission to get more affiliate marketers to blockchain based payment solutions and that’s what we are building with Fire-Pay. We’ve started with CTP Token and now have over 80 merchants accepting Fire-Pay on their websites…We think that’s pretty cool 🙂 And it’s just getting started…

Let me stress that even more…

We are JUST getting started at seeing this revolution before our eyes!

When people complain about the price of crypto and when it rises or falls I just smile…We need to stop looking at the price and look at what it’s replacing. Look at what the future may look like on the blockchain! That should excite every entrepreneur that reads this post and get you even more fired up to…USE THIS STUFF! And accumulate it! Build brands with it! Spend it! And tell the world about it….



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