The Revenge of Analog by David Sax [Book Review]

Fair warning, I’m a huge huge huge fan of this book. I started reading it ‘last year’ after Christmas and even though I finished it in 2017, this could have easily been my favorite book of 2016. To be brutally honest, I can’t remember a book that I enjoyed reading so much in a long long time.

The Revenge of Analog is a story about the human experience. It’s about the things you grew up with. The things that made us human. It’s about printed books, vinyl recordings, Polaroid cameras and everything in between. It’s about the stuff that should have died with the digital revolution…But instead has not only survived but thrived in a digital world.

David Sax’s book documents not only how these type of analog mediums carved out a niche for themselves and with it, continued to grow and prosper in a time when the cards were stacked against them. I mean…Vinyl records! Think about those old LP’s you might have stashed away in your basement (I know I have quite a few…)…They are actually INCREASING in sales for the first time in years.

How about retail?

Wasn’t supposed to kill off retail and bookstores completely? Well it hasn’t happened and there are signs that it never will.

This book will take you back to a time and remind you why you fell in love with certain media in the first place. David argues that there is pride in ownership with a lot of these kind of analog items which makes a whole lot of sense. Think about your ‘digital music’ collection and then think about the ability to hold, feel and play your music on a 12inch vinyl recording. There is something so simple and pleasing to it, and this book describes EXACTLY what that is for each of us.

I really can’t describe how much fun this book was to read and it actually gave me some pretty cool ideas that I plan on using today in my business…For example, have any of you been receiving those new post cards I’ve been sending out? I’m of the belief that ANALOG is what will now help separate you from the masses in a digital world. Not saying computers are dying LOL What this book argues and what I agree with is that this stuff MEANS something to people…There is a huge difference between getting a thank you card in the mail versus another email….’thanking you‘.

This book will give you goosebumps reading it, but give you great ideas to think about especially if you are an entrepreneur.

Highly recommended and a must read for anyone serious about the…Errrrrr…Future!

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Little disclaimer…If you think I’m just talking smack and this book isn’t THAT good, check this out….Sold out on Amazon lol So as soon as they get more copies, I will send one to the winner of this week’s giveaway. Or find it in my local bookstore….GASP! See, the Revenge of Retail is real!!!!

5 thoughts to “The Revenge of Analog by David Sax [Book Review]”

  1. Hi Jon that is really great news to hear! And I am very impressed that you like this book so much. That is nice to hear from someone growing up more with computers and less books. I do really understand that coming from the older era. Something to hold, something physical is very important to us as humans.

    My sister and I went out to Old Burien right before Christmas (It’s our new tradition since Mom died and we sold her house.) This time was a cool, bright, sunny day with a bright blue sky with a crisp breeze. My sister was actually enthusiastic about our little jaunt this past year. We really enjoyed going into the little specialty shops that people run and own and the bakeries of course! There are 2 of those. We both never liked going to the Mall. There was this one shop in particular that was so wonderful. It was a book shop with used books! They were old books, too. My sister just went nuts over this shop. It was very quaint and had a fireplace in the back with a small table and 2 chairs. The book shelves were arranged in a manner just opposite of the fireplace to make a small cubbyhole or separate little space – all done with tall, wooden book shelves! All of the action hero books were in this section. My sister even said something to the bookstore owner about how much she adored Mom’s books and hated selling so many of them at the estate sale. (It’s been really hard for her and the rest of us, but mainly my sister to get over losing Mom, her belongings and her house.) But my sister said she saved a lot of them and stored them away. I’m so glad she did this. (I just found this out because she hasn’t been able to talk about things regarding Mom’s death since it happened in 2011.) She said even though she doesn’t read a whole lot she loves the look, feel, smell and being able to hold a book. It was really nice to go to that book store, and it seemed to really help my sister work through some things. Yes, holding that book in your hands, looking at them and surrounding yourself by them can sure do wonders for the soul. I think my sister and I will be going back to that bookstore soon, too. 🙂

    The nice thing about these small shops is that the owners don’t mind you coming in, looking around and not buying anything. They are happy to have you there to have a conversation with. Oh, and then we went into a toy electric train store! That is a whole other story. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing Barb, and I agree…There is nothing better than being in a store. Holing a book, skimming the pages….It’s pretty awesome!

  2. I’m going to order this book. I have to! If it confirms that Jon’s postcards are still viable in today’s world, then it sounds like something worth reading.

    Over they years, I have campaigned for a – blend – of marketing strategies. Sure, use the digital tools. Text, email, social media, all have a place in marketing. But don’t overlook the tactile power of receiving something – old school – in the mail. A personalized note can grab attention and something NO ONE ELSE is doing. Set yourself apart from the multitude of marketers and do more than your competition.

    People value what you do, and how you make them feel, more than what you say. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can trigger a deeper level of trust. Find it, DO IT!

    And yes, Jon, I have several boxes of old vinyl in my basement! Think I will have to go see what I can find.

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