Reviewing My Delegation & Why I Support What I Support!

I hosted my #RoadTo300SP session yesterday and with each Q&A I encourage the community to ask me any questions about STEEM that they may have!

Are they stuck on something?
What suggestions would I give for generating Steem Power?
Should you use bots?
How about self-upvoting?

One question popped up that gave me the idea for this blog post…A revisit into my delegation and why I support the projects I support…

Fantastic question by @ericburgoyne btw 😉

So when I answered him I mentioned that I delegated to voting bots a LOT when I first joined. I was excited with the opportunity they presented, and saw why bots became extremely popular here on STEEM. But as time went on…My focus changed…

That being said, I’m not anti-bot at all. Far from it. I see why they exist and see how they can be used help generate attention to one’s content. However my decisions on delegation took a huge change in direction, especially after Steemfest 3.

I was in the @DDaily mansion one night, and we were all sitting around having discussions about STEEM. And @meno was there…This guy hit the nail on the head when he said (and I’m paraphrasing)…

“The best thing about delegation is that you can support the projects that you believe in, and you build the blockchain you envision. The ROI comes from building the community around the project!”

And then a few months ago @theycallmedan stated in one of his videos that: “Delegation allows everyday people to become venture capitalists without needing to invest millions!”

You see…That’s what drives me now here with my choices in delegation!

I can support the projects I believe in.

The ROI is cool and the benefits are nice…But what each of these project’s core beliefs and missions are…That’s what makes me delegate to them!

@SteemBasicIncome – It comes as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of this project. People helping people in every sense of the word! I personally have not found a more ‘win-win’ scenario on STEEM! I’ve delegated 750 Steem Power currently and will add more continuously. But I also sponsor people into SBI, daily on this blog. The mission is simple…Let’s all win on this blockchain!

@Partiko – It goes without saying, Partiko changed everything for me with STEEM. Their app is pretty much flawless and I was lucky to get into their first round of delegation. I believe projects like this will help onboard more people into STEEM! I’ve sent them 500 Steem Power and look forward to more opportunities to support them. I’m currently 12th on their leaderboard…So yeah I am actually USING this every single day as well!

@Qurator – One of the first projects I ever delegated to. And their mission to support quality content on STEEM is something I can get behind for sure. I’ve delegated 300 Steem Power to them and continue to monitor their project.

@Helpie – Meeting @Meno and talking with him at Steemfest 3 showed me that his Helpie project aligns so much with what I’m trying to do with SteemSavvy and the #RoadTo300SP .
His mission, is to help as many Steemians as he can navigate this blockchain. And Helpie is HUGE on community. I like that! I sent them 250 Steem Power to ‘help’ 😉

@Ddaily – There guys are legit! Some of the best people on STEEM and I’ve learned more about content creation through video by spending 5 months with them, than I have in 15 years of actually creating content LOL 50 Steem Power went to them!

So you see…These projects that I support, aren’t the ones that talk about….You get HUGE returns! It’s not the ones that are promising the best bang for your buck…

They are about STEEM!

They are about content and innovation.

And they are most definitely about community!

I’m looking to add more projects to my support list and am leaning towards @Actifit right now. They are helping so many people get active (myself included)! That’s the kind of amazing opportunities we have here on STEEM…Earning crypto for moving our butts!!

What will the blockchain think of next?? 🙂


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