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The School of Greatness Book Study – Chapter 1

Here we go…This is our new format as we dive into the new book we will be studying over the next week and a half at Plus 1 Daily. The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes.

The video is below so be sure to check it out but as we get into it, there may be a learning curve as we figure out the best way to dive into the book. Here’s my thoughts;

1. We will go over different chapters each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And break down what we learn from each.

2. I’ll post a video and resources each week to get the most from the book and some of these books have fantastic online resources that we can use for deeper study.

3. We’ll discuss what we learn throughout the week on our live streams at Facebook!

Of course, they might all change as we develop this book club but that’s a great starting point…

Let’s dive in!

Chapter 1 of The School of Greatness has some homework for us to do.

school of greatness

Lewis talks about creating a visions because if we don’t all of this is for not. We need our vision, we need our reason why!

Be sure to check out the online resources Lewis provides for free on his website. You can print out your personal statement plan (a short work book) and your certificate of achievement.

The certificate is a lot of fun! This is your GOAL for taking action and designing the life you want. For me, as an example, I want to lose 30 lbs over the next few months before my son is born in the middle of August. That’s my vision for reading this book. I want it to change not only my life, but my health lifestyles as well.

So while chapter one was a quick overview of what to expect in this book, the fun stuff was the resources and working on our vision with the ‘homework’.

I’m really excited about this book…I hope you follow along with me on this journey together!

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