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The School Of Greatness – Book Study Chapters 7 & 8

We’re nearing the end of the School of Greatness and I really hope you have enjoyed this book study! This is the first time I’ve ever broke down a book chapter by chapter and shared the experience with you. So this is a much a learning experience for me as I hope it has been for you as well.

Let’s dive right in…

The last 2 chapters of this book really put the icing on the cake.

In chapter 7 Lewis talks about building the right team around you. This is something I have heard many times before and authors like Robert Kiyosaki really introduced me to this frame of mind. Simply put, you want to be the ‘dumbest person’ in the room.

That may sound harsh but think about it…The better people we surround ourselves with, the more we will grow. It makes perfect sense and we actually help us play to our strengths. For example, are there certain tasks you excel at, but others you cringe when you think about them? Focus on what you excel at and then find GREAT team mates to work on what they are great at. That way….Ta da….You are surrounded by greatness 🙂

In chapter 8, I truly believe Lewis hits the nail on the head with his last chapter of the book. The School of Greatness might focus on the first 7 chapters on how you can become better, but finally in the last chapter he talks about how YOU make the WORLD better. I loved the story he shared of Adam Braun and his Pencils of Promise initiative. This is what all this truly means…We must be living a life of service.

The more we help others, the more we leave the earth in a better place then when we first entered it. How awesome is that?

If that doesn’t scream Plus 1, I don’t know what does!

As we close out the School of Greatness, I will go over my final thoughts in this weekends Book Review. I did enjoy the process of going through each chapter with you and I hope you got a ton of value from this new method of book study we’re trying out.

Remember, we’re starting out new book study on Monday the 3rd of April with Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I hope you join along next week as we dive in!

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