school of greatness by lewis howes

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes [Book Review]

The past 2 weeks have gone by pretty quickly, as we dove into The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. Now it’s time for our review and go over what we’ve learned in our inaugural Plus 1 Daily book club.

This book was extremely easy to read and like a few books I’ve read earlier this year, the action steps after each chapter are what made the experience so enjoyable.

Lewis Howes, the author, put together some fantastic game plans for personal and professional success. However like with all things, if we don’t take action on what we learned, it’s all for not. Thankfully, The School of Greatness delivers.

It’s broken up into 8 chapters which go over everything from creating a powerful vision of what you want to accomplish all the way through to living a life of service.

While sharing personal experiences as well as real life examples of what Lewis is try to bring across, this book is quite exciting to go through and you never really feel like you are being preached to. Rather, the information is straight forward and the action steps are perfect closure to each chapter. You literally WANT to do the ‘homework’, which Lewis assigns to the reader because without it, you really do feel something is missing from the experience.

school of greatness by lewis howes

I love books like this. Not only for the information but for the…How do I put this…Kick-in-the-butt-ivness! Did I just create a word? Yeah you literally HAVE to take action after each chapter. It just feels right.

So whether it’s personal fitness, professional success or just becoming a better human being, this book is a great guide to accomplish it all. It’s written in a fun, fact filled way but the most important aspect of The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes, is the fact that it DEMANDS action after you read it.

And that…Is the makings of a book we ALL must put our noses into!

(Book club update: We’re onto our next book….Start With Why by Simon Sinek is what we will be looking at over the next few weeks. If you have not yet grabbed a copy, what are you waiting for? We’ll learn so much more together! I hope that you join us as we dive into this popular book. It should be a fun ride!)

One thought to “The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes [Book Review]”

  1. This book is diffently on my Radar sometime in the Future. I saw lewis Howes at this years and last years 10X growth Con and became a big fan right away. Speaking of the 10X Growth Con I had purchased last years last years live stream whicj meant I was able to watch along with the live audience and it was also recorded / So I could watch it anytime’
    Fast forward one year when I tried to access it I had trouble getting in. I sent in a support ticket. Then not only did I get my access to last years back they also gave me access to this years. Making me an even bigger fan of Grant cardone or Uncle G lol.
    Anyway I thought lewis was Awesome and the Book is on my most wanted list. and I think he has a new book out called the Mask of Masculity
    And finally Yes I know this reply is more thana year after this post was done.

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