The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn [Book Review]

He’s the guru’s guru. The leader in personal development who every expect in the world recommends and endorses. He is Jim Rohn and if you haven’t heard of the name, youmight have been living under a rock for the past….4 decades.

As much Jim Rohn content as I’ve taken in over the past few years, I’ve rarely read his books. In fact, The Seasons of Life is only the second Jim Rohn book I’ve read ever. He was a great author but his speeches and videos are what truly made him such a powerhouse. His ability to break things down into their simplest form so that anyone could understand his message truly was his gift.

And even though he passed away a few years ago, his legacy continues to grow through all his live training an of course, books like The Seasons of Life.

This is a short book, only about 100 pages so it reads quite quickly and easily. The biggest message this book puts out there is how life’s up’s and downs AND opportunities follow the same pattern as the seasons we experience every year.

Jim argues that when we fail to plant ‘great seeds’ in the spring, our harvests are going to be rotten in the fall. Which of course leads to a miserable winter…

But what if we put a lot of effort into producing great harvests. Starting with planting good seeds in the spring, following through during the summer to tend to our crops and then have a bountiful autumn….Seems simple enough right? And that’s what is so beautiful about this book.

Jim effortlessly compares the seasons of the year with OUR decisions and action throughout. It’s amazing how many times you find yourself nodding in agreement to his examples…

Oh and this book is jam packed with amazing quotes, I was literally on page 30 and had pages of quotes already written out…He truly was a master of words and communication.

jim rohn quotes

(Please excuse the messy hand writing…I was fired up and excited when I was writing it down lol)

The Seasons of Life is a must read and addition to any success library. This is one of those books that I will re-read numerous times….Maybe even once a season every year because I really want my harvest to bountiful and prosperous! 🙂

5 thoughts to “The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn [Book Review]”

  1. Thanks for the book Review Jon. Jim Rohn is truly one of the greats. I’ve listen to so many of his lectures, taken The Twelve Pillars course, I think it was called, but never read any of his books. So I will be correcting that right away. Amazon here I come.


    1. Yeah it’s something I mentioned too…I’ve watched so many of his talks, but only read 2 of his books so far. I bought his success library from the other month, so I’ve got about 5 of his writings now.

  2. I love Jim Rohn and have listened to many videos of his on YouTube. I am going to read this book. Thank you for sharing this, Jon. So many of us can benefit from Rohn’s infinite wisdom. 🙂 And I agree with Nick …. Amazon wait for me! 🙂

    1. Yeah it’s a great short book too. The message is clear and doesnt need to go over the same points multiple times. Loved it.

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