The Seed by Jon Gordon [Book Review]

I really enjoy the writings of Jon Gordon. I discovered his books last year when I picked up The Energy Bus on a recommendation from a friend and have been reading his work whenever I can. Problem is that, only a select few titles of Jon’s are carried in the big bookstores here in Canada…

So a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and went online to find a copy of The Seed , one of Jon’s more popular titles…


Like the majority of Jon’s books, it is written in a short parable that is very easy to digest and get the message from.

We follow a young man by the name of Josh who is at a cross road early in his career. He’s followed his heart for the majority of his life but there is something missing. His path leads him to a local farmer that gives him ‘a seed’ for him to plant to find his purpose in life and we see Josh take an epic journey of self discovery.

The book outlines the 4 stages of purpose to show the reader what each of us can do when we feel like we’re not living a life of much meaning. Jon takes us on the journey with Josh and his best friend (his dog named Dharma) as they go from his past, his present and potential future searching for his purpose.


Nearing the end of the book, you get the big ‘ah ha‘ moment of ‘The Seed‘ and understand why Josh needed to take the journey to his past, to nurture the blessings of his present and finally to discover his future. You will laugh at the simplicity of it all, and that’s the beauty of this parable….It’s simple! It’s within each of us. And it’s right in front of our face! We just need to take a step back and do some soul searching.

A great little book and another winner from Jon Gordon.

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Edit: Congrats to Sergio Felix for tweeting out this blog post and winning a copy of The Seed! Your book has been shipped sir, thanks so much!

6 thoughts to “The Seed by Jon Gordon [Book Review]”

  1. Hi Jon “The Seed” sounds like a really good book and important. It’s good to reflect on our past to see how we can improve our present and future. It takes times to grow as a person, too. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took me many years – allot longer than some. It’s not an easy journey. We learn every day was we continue on our journey and do the best we can. Sometimes we need to take one day at a time and be grateful for what we had that very day. We can do all of the planning for the future that we can, but we also need to make an effort to stay in the present on this day. It keeps you sane and in a positive frame of mind.

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