Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Viewed, Be Shared! [VIDEO]

Be viewed! Be Heard! Be everywhere! Be seen as much as you can, as often as you can, everywhere you can and for as long as you can. It’s a method I have used for years and always told people that one of the keys to building a strong brand is being seen as someone who walks the walk, not just talks the talk.

We do this by been out there in front of our potential customers at every turn. When they are on a blog post, they see our comments. When they are using their favorite social media, they see us. When they open their inboxes, they read our emails. And the best thing about this method is, you don’t need to spend a fortune, even a penny to be out there for everyone to see. Here’s a few tips on how to get out there:

1. Comment On Blog Posts – This might seem trivial and even a way that some blog authors are looking for bumps in their comments. However when I first got started online, this is what I did. I was in forums, all day. I was commenting on blog posts, all week long. I was seen by other readers as someone with an opinion and offered value to the community. That doesn’t mean jump in and start promoting your links, but be seen by adding valuable comments to a blog. It’s a huge win!

2. Make Regular Blog Posts – Everyone has a blog by now I’m sure. But only a few seem to post regularly. I made a commitment years ago to at LEAST do one blog post a week. Now I’m doing between 3 to 4. People start associating you with not only providing valuable content, but they see someone consistently. Get into the habit of posting to your blog at LEAST once a week!

3. Promote Your Squeeze Pages – In our little side of the industry, this can be done with ease. Get your websites seen as much as you can, as often as you can, everywhere you can! Not only will you potentially be building your mailing list but you’ll also be branding your name around the industry. I cannot stress how important that old advertising saying goes….It takes 7 exposures to get the desired result. I’ll add, don’t stop at 7….Go for 70,000!

4. Do Videos – Live streaming, recorded, it doesn’t matter but it’s so important in 2016 to get people to see the REAL you. And you can do this with ease with videos. There is a reason live streaming is becoming so popular and sites like SnapChat and Facebook are so focused on this platform…It works! It connects people! Nothing is better to get your message across than video!

5. Be Active In Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, YouTube, SnapChat….Whatever platform you use…USE IT! This is free money folks, it doesn’t cost a penny to interact with people, get them to know, like and trust you. Yet so few actually seem to use these platforms to their highest potential. Get out there, and be seen!

11 thoughts to “Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Viewed, Be Shared! [VIDEO]”

  1. Awesome, you mentioned commenting and being social and how not many people in this industry do it or maybe they don’t do it enough. I think this may go back to the days of mental programming when people used to buy in to the idea that you can “Do this thing and money will start pouring in” I think it’s so easy for people to assume that all they need to do is promote an affiliate landing page and they can retire next year. Don’t get me wrong… Program owners make it really easy for a newbie to start earning right away, however it takes a bit more than just promoting a standard affiliate page in order to become recognised and something you have said for years is to be different, stand out, be the purple cow, be remarkable. Networking and Social Media is so powerful if used the right way and I agree video or live stream is the best way to make a real impact to create know, like & trust. Thanks once again Jon for this post and all the value you provide as a true leader, leading by example.

  2. Yes I need ot get a blog up again on another business that I have been promoting. I have
    been promoting it on TE’s and there is a blog . I just added a video to this latest site, Plus1daily.
    Steve Samoheyl

    1. That’s amazing John, so awesome to hear it man. The trick is to keep going, now that you’ve had a taste, the hunger should be stronger!

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