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If you have been following the play-offs at CTP Teams then you will know that they have been a massive success.

The play offs have also been a great source of Plus 1 successes. I mentioned one last week and here is another.

While on a Skype call with Tim I was writing a blog post and happened to comment that because we were on a call I was ‘live blogging.’

Tim said it would be a great idea to do a real live blog during the playoffs, recording some of the dramatic events during the 48 hour battles and within an hour we were live blogging the playoffs for real.

The Plus 1 here was actually in two parts…firstly having the idea and then secondly putting it into action; in this case right away.

Sometimes Plus 1 can come from nothing more than an idea for a simple improvement or add on which can be implemented within minutes.

This was a great example of that.

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