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How To Sell In Any Market Or Industry

Selling! It’s a scary topic. Everywhere you turn you read blogs and ‘experts’ that tell you how to sell more and generate sales anytime you want. I admit, selling used to scare me more than public speaking and while I consider myself ‘decent’ at sales, I know there is so much more I can learn to become better.

I’m deep into Perennial Seller , the brand new book by Ryan Holiday and he shared with readers a huge example of how to sell more by focusing in on something we have talked about a lot in Plus 1 Daily.

The example he used was the singer Adele. Adele needs no introduction. While pop stars come and go, Adele is a musical talent that the world has never seen. She’s pretty awesome. Her voice is almost as perfect as it gets and her brand and ‘product’ is…Remarkable.

Do you see where I’m going yet?

She’s in an industry, the record business, that is…Well, not what it used to be. Albums don’t sell as much as they used to. Artists seem to pop up all the time and disappear as quick as they rose to stardom. And the staying power of their work is limited to a few weeks of heavy rotation. But along comes Adele…

She sells 3.4 million records in her first week on the charts and destroys the previous first week record sales by over a million or so.

Why is this?

Here’s an artist, in the record business, an industry that is supposed to rely on live shows more and record sales less…But she sells 3.4 million in her first week on the charts.

Remarkable isn’t it?

Remarkable it is!

And that’s the trick right there. Adele sticks out! She’s not like the fabricated pop stars of today. She’s legit. She’s a massive talent. And her music and art truly are…Remarkable!

Now that doesn’t mean you need to become the next Adele to sell your product or service 🙂 But the message is clear…Stick out from the noise and do things not only different than the rest of your industry, but do it bolder. Heck, do it BETTER! That will attract the customers because your product or service will scream quality. It will be an experience that your clients and customers treasure. You are more worried about delivering something of value to them, rather just just selling to get on the ‘charts’…

And then it won’t matter what industry experts are saying, or how the markets are doing…When you focus on remarkable, you will sell more! That’s how to sell in any market and in any condition you focus on being the best you can be.

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