Serving Others – The Key To Success [VIDEO]

Serving others!

Seems like a no brainer right?

We’re heard Zig Ziglar talk about it for decades….”Help enough people get what they want in life and you’ll get everything you want!

We’re seen examples over and over again of when people put others before themselves great things happen. Could it all be that simple?

I’m reading a great book right now that highlighted an example from history where a successful man was asked, if he had to start all over from scratch, what would be the one thing he focused on the most.

His answer?

Serve people and serve them well!

If you really break down the science of it, it makes perfect sense. People want to feel like they are respected and valued. So if you are doing everything in your power to do both of those things, they will become your raving fans. They will recommend you to others. The trust will be built and success is just around the corner.

One has to be careful though….Don’t serve others because it’s a good business plan….Serve others because it’s the right thing to do.

Put people before profits in everything you do and something magical happens…You start attracting the right people and the right business.

I can’t explain it, but I know this is the truth. I’ve seen it happen with everyone I admire and look up to in business and success and if we are to follow their model….They always put people first and serve them.

A great way to find out how you can serve more people is this exercise:

– First, find out your 3 vital functions. I talked about this last year a lot on the blog.

– Next, ask yourself…How can you bring value and serve more people using your strengths in your 3 vital functions? Can it be through your blog? Consulting opportunities? Social media? Through Skype maybe? In your local community?

– Once you develop a plan through your 3 vital functions on how to serve more people…Your life and business opens up.

That’s real success!

P.S. Oh btw here’s my Facebook link…Come hang out with me and say hi! I would love to engage with you and see how I can serve you better…

12 thoughts to “Serving Others – The Key To Success [VIDEO]”

  1. WOW, John
    U are helping me more n more daily as I listen to +1 video’s.
    I know my passion, how do I begin to make income from it. I’ve been doing it for free for a few years so I think I have a reputation?
    I will be soul-searching for my three vital functions
    Thank U
    Patsy j Payne
    CTP Team Leader

    1. Thanks Patsy, appreciate the kind words….Yeah it takes some time. I mean I didn’t ‘get’ my 3 vital functions until about 3 years ago…And I’d been working online for a decade plus LOL

      But if you ask yourself, what do you love to do, what are you passionate about…You’ll find the answers!

  2. I had a meeting tonight about the development and marketing of a new product line. Price points, cost to manufacture, etc., were discussed. In the end, we agreed that we had to provide ‘value’ at an affordable price for everyone above all else. Our customers are far too important to us to not offer our best efforts. People come before profit margins. Without them, there is no profit!

    The more you value your customers, the more they will value you and your products/services. It is far easier, and costs less, to keep a satisfied consumer than continually looking for the ‘next’ ones.

    Keep at it, Jon, everyone needs to better understand these aspects of business! 🙂

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