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The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews [Book Review]

I actually picked The Seven Decisions up over a year ago on one of my weekly visits to the local book store. The tagline captured my attention and I’m a big fan of the publishing company that released it, so it was a pretty easy ‘decision’ to purchase it.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, how easily I am persuaded to buy a book…Anyways, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I glanced at it over the past year but it actually ended up in the ‘to-be read’ pile.

This past week though, it grabbed my attention again when I was looking for a new book to dive into. Hey look, there’s the fun tagline again “Understanding the keys to personal success……” and published by Thomas Nelson!!!! I’m in! (I really have a weird way of picking a book to read…)

The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews is…Awesome! I know that might be too simple a word but I’m not sure how else to describe it so simply. It’s a short book, under 200 pages in length but it’s jammed packed with real world advice that you can put into practice today for all your business, and life time goals.

Mr. Andrews states 7 ‘personal decisions’ we must each choose to futher our careers and businesses;

1. The Responsible Decision
2. The Guided Decision
3. The Active Decision
4. The Certain Decision
5. The Joyful Decision
6. The Compassionate Decision
7. The Persistent Decision

Each ‘decision’ is a chapter and gives great examples of how each choice we make starts to add up to some pretty powerful life changes. The Joyful Decision and Guided Decision were highlights for me….As the Joyful Decision discussed how we must CHOOSE ourselves to be joyful and happy and not expect anyone else to create happiness in our lives, not only that but the more joy we spread, the more awesome things we attract. And of course, the Guided Decision was all about following mentors, leaders and continuing education. As you might be fully aware by now, I’m a HUGE fan of self-education 😉

The best part about each chapter is the end. As the author shows us a letter he received from some pretty influential and famous members of society, where they share with readers their interpretation of that decision in the chapter. Wow. I mean, reading a letter written from the late Norman Vincent Peale about how important compassion is in our lives is worth the price of the book alone.

Anyways, I’m a sucker for things like that. I love REAL WORLD examples of how to improve ones life, not just fluff to fill pages in a book. The Seven Decisions is jam packed with exactly that, real world examples on how to change our lives for the better.

A fantastic book and the only regret I have is that I didn’t read it sooner 😉

2 thoughts to “The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews [Book Review]”

  1. Interesting, I wonder if this would help those who are stuck in their comfort zone, you know the people who are comfortable at being uncomfortable. Going by the title I think it could be… as, getting outside the comfort zone requires making a decision. Great review.

    1. Yup….Simple things too. nothing over the top or requires too much ‘thinking’ Just simple decisions, we can make everyday.

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