Should You Ever Give Up On Your Dreams?

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Generally the accepted truth is that you should never give up on your dreams and that makes a lot of sense.

I think I may even have written and spoken about this more than once.

In fact I know I have and I know that Jon and Justin have do the same.

One of the saddest things online is seeing so many people give up before they have allowed themselves a chance to succeed.

Generally this is as a result of having unrealistic expectations about how easy it will be to make money online. The bottom line here is that while it is not amazingly difficult to do so, it is harder than most people think.

The gap in expectations between the reality and the dream is what causes so many people to give up when they might well had achieved some success if only they had stayed the course.

The Plus 1 to be found in the above example is contained in the phrase “unrealistic expectations” and it comes when you examine what you are trying to achieve so that your expectations are now reasonable, based on research, evidence and analysis.

This might lead to you saying something like: “This is much harder than I ever thought possible but I can do it and I am more determined than ever to get it done.”

It might mean that while you keep your end goal, you need to include many more smaller goals to help you on the way and extend the time frame you need to make your dreams work.

If that is the case then so be it – this extra dose of reality will help ensure your dreams are reached, even if it takes a little longer to do so.

There is another Plus 1 here and it can be seen as perhaps an advanced Plus 1 but one which is not to be taken lightly.

There is a chance that your research and analysis convinces you that your dream is so far beyond your capabilities that you decide not to pursue it any more.

This is different to giving up at the first sign of difficulty. Let’s say that your goal is to run a marathon by this time next year but when you start your preparations you realize you are so unfit that you need to put twice as much time and effort into it as you first thought?

Well, in this case, if your dream is to run a marathon then you will absorb the extra pressure and get on with it.

Let’s say that you are even more unfit that walking up the stairs causes you to break out in a cold sweat but you still want to run a marathon in a year.

You mention this to your doctor who tells you that the amount of exercise you would have to do is so extreme that it could lead to an early death. Clearly this is an extreme example but in this case it may be wise in giving up on that particular dream.

A final Plus 1 in this case would be swapping out the original goal with a new one that is not going to kill you. Maybe running a half marathon is not totally out of the question or running eight miles or five might be more appropriate.

Never giving up on your dreams is a great rule to follow but you must ensure your dreams are actually possible to achieve in the first place.

3 thoughts to “Should You Ever Give Up On Your Dreams?”

  1. If only more people would see the truths in this article that would be an awesome Plus 1!

    Perhaps the only times anyone should give up on his or her dreams is when the costs of realizing it mean irreparable damage in health, family or soul. Or when pursuing a smaller dream hinders a greater one.

    Otherwise, some seemingly impossible dreams at first, came true. I haven’t heard of any dream fulfilled without costs though. And that’s why most of them don’t come into being, because the dreamer won’t pay the price for it.

  2. Just a few years ago, there was no way I could run for an entire minute (let alone a marathon!) without feeling like I was going to faint right there on the spot.

    Right now, I have ran more half marathons than I can count (heck, I’m running one this next Sunday!)

    It’s all down to really wanting something and doing something about it, there are no shortcuts.

    And yes, you can start running or even walking for a minute, then the next day add 1 more and then just keep the plus one thing going on until you reach your final goal!

    Sergio Felix

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