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Simon Sinek’s Start With Why – Part 2

After we dove into the first part of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, judging by the comments from the last post and the feedback I’ve been hearing…We have a very good grasp on where Simon is about to take us in the journey.

In Part 2 of the book, we dive…Right in 🙂

simon sinek

We are introduced to the ‘Golden Circle’ which Simon breaks down into 3 parts;

1. The Why

2. The How

3. The What

He argues that most businesses focus primarily on the what and how but rarely get into the ‘why’. In a detailed example, he breaks down the success of Apple. First starting out as a computer company, Apple has changed the face of personal computing, personal communication and of yeah, completely disrupted the music industry along the way.

And it all started…From their ‘why’!

One of the highlights for me in these 3 chapters of Part 2 is the example Simon gives about our gut feelings versus over thinking things.

The gut feeling comes from our why! When we overthink things, it’s usually coming from trying to figure out the what’s and the how’s. This was a huge ‘ah ha‘ moment for me and helped frame the chapters perfectly.

This was brilliant as well…

Clarity = Why
Discipline = How
Consistency = What

Clarity comes from our ‘why’ which then allows us to be disciplined to develop out ‘How’. This is fuelled and built for long term success by being consistent with our what!

There was question in one of the chapters that really got me thinking;

“Instead of asking “What should we do to compete?, the questions must be asked, “WHY did we start doing WHAT we’re doing in the first place and WHAT can we do to bring our cause to life considering all the technologies and market opportunities today?”

Wow! Talk about self-evaluation!!!!

How can I get back to my reason why to make sure I’m earning loyalty rather than just transactions in business?

This is what I hope to discover by reading this book!

What were you major take aways from Part 2? How do you see the Golden Circle play out in your business?

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