Small Wins Equal Big Results #Plus1Daily

Today’s blog post about how small amounts of extra income every month can change your life, has got us really fired up….We did a podcast and followed it up with a live webinar about celebrating small victories and rewarding yourself each and every week. It’s important for your business and life to be ‘winning’ even if it’s small wins….They start to add up over time!

2 thoughts to “Small Wins Equal Big Results #Plus1Daily”

  1. This is very good advice. I know I am guilty of going for the Big Picture in business, the end game, without first trying to earn my first dollar. Set yourself up to win, not fail. Start out with manageable goals that you can achieve. Once you achieve those goals, create new goals that are a little more than your previous goals. Having these smaller victories build up confidence in what you are doing. It took me a while to realize that.

    Like I posted in the blab chat, learn how to get one paying customer a day before trying get to a six figure income. Achieving one paying customer a day can eventually lead to generating a six figure income. Imagine getting one new paying customer a day at $4 each.

    At the end of the year you will have 365 paying customers, each paying you $4 a month. Thats $1460 a month in residual income. I know a lot of people who say they are broke and can’t afford a $20 sub game who could really benefit from $1460 a month residual income.

    1. That example you gave is huge….And a great price point for the industry. Imagine if every owner thought like that….Very powerful.

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