Stacking STEEM Daily…Why SteemBasicIncome Is A Must During The Bear Market!

If you have spent anytime in the crypto markets, you’ll know how volatile they can be…

I got into the STEEM blockchain when STEEM was trading at around $1.75 in December of 2017….It shot up to over $7 during the crypto boom!

Today….Here’s where we sit:


What a roller coaster!

But regardless of the price of these tokens, I have continued to stack them at every chance I could over the past 15 months…

There are many ways you can earn STEEM tokens on the blockchain which is why I think this project is so attractive:

– Create content on your blog at , or….This blockchain is built for content creators. And while the trend is moving into other dApps that generate STEEM…A good ol’ fashioned blog can always do well here! (@SteemPress makes it even more attractive btw!!)

– Create video content via @Dtube or live streaming via @Vimm…Some of the most active and popular content on STEEM come in the form of video.

– Record podcasts via @dsound ….Maybe sitting in front of a camera isn’t your thing, no worries…The microphones are ready to be used and uploading your audio content is a breeze!

– Take pictures and upload them via @appics …There is no better way to take a few selfies 😉

– Be mobile and engage with your followers using @partiko …It’s the easiest way to engage and use STEEM while on the go…

– Or even, play games like @drugwars @steemmonsters @magicdice and others…Yup, you can be rewarded for…Playing games??? It’s true…

And I’m just scratching the surface of the potential that STEEM presents for actually earning tokens. I remember @meno once stating a few months ago…He wants as much of this stuff as he can get…So when someone sends him a spam message for 0.001 SBD or STEEM in your wallet…He’s grateful 🙂

But there is one way that I’ve fallen in love with and feel like it goes under the radar as one of the BEST ways to generate STEEM every day….

And that’s @SteemBasicIncome


What is SBI? It’s this super cool project run by @JosephSavage where he developed a formula to reward participants with upvotes every time they create content on the blockchain. The idea is to get it to where everyone on STEEM can earn a ‘basic income’ for their time in the community. I like to simplify things and say it’s upvotes for life…But it’s much more complicated than that.

(Here’s their latest post describing the in’s and out’s of this project!)

However for simplicity sake, I’ll just say….Steem Basic Income allows you to get rewarded in the form of an upvote every time you make a post on STEEM. But what’s amazing about this program is that you can ‘stack‘ your units. So the more of these things that you acquire, the higher your vote value will become…

But wait…There’s more!

The only way to get involved in SBI is to be ‘sponsored’ into the program…So someone literally has to buy your way in for the cost of 1 STEEM. Why would someone do that? Simple, because they receive an SBI unit for every UNIT they sponsor…..!

So you see why this is a win-win?

The sponsor is motivated to reward people with SBI units because they get a share as well…Newsflash, I give out a LOT of SBI units…It’s well over 300 by now and continue to do so every day to people that engage with me on this blog. Once again…Win-win! I get higher upvotes and my readers and followers acquire more SBI units for reading my blog every day!

And here’s the crazy part…Steem is trading at around 33-34 cents today…Imagine if we get back to all time highs or even half of that…And that upvote from SBI that was once a penny, starts to become closer to 10 cents…Or 50 cents…or 2 dollars...Every time you post…For life?

That’s why I encourage you to look at Steem Basic Income as not only a way to support the people that come to your blog and engage with you…But for the potential it has when STEEM becomes a 7 dollar token again…That to me, makes collecting as many SBI units as I can today…A must!

Remember…Now is the time to BUILD your STEEM! And @SteemBasicIncome is the perfect way to do that because everyone wins!

And yeah….In case you are wondering…I’ll be giving you an SBI unit for engaging with me on this post 😉



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