Start Writing Better Emails Now [VIDEO]

Writing an email to broadcast to your list can be one of the most stressful things to do for newer marketers. Heck, even experienced marketers have trouble coming up with the right words to say to their lists…

Email marketing doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can be a lot of fun once you follow some basic tips and tricks to craft a better email for your subscribers to enjoy….Let’s look at some of these basics;

1. You Must Be Consistent – If you’ve sent an indoctrination email and let your readers know you will be sending one email a week. Send one a week. If you will be sending only one a month, make sure it’s once a month. The problem we see with most new email marketers is that they are all over the place. There’s nothing wrong with sending extra emails if you are into promoting a new affiliate program, but it’s so important to at LEAST send one a week to get your readers into the habit of receiving you in their inbox.

2. Keep Things Simple – There is nothing worst that getting a copy of ‘War & Peace’ in your inbox. Let’s be honest, the longer your blog post or email, the less likely it will be acted up never mind just being read. Keep things simple, and respect your readers time. Remember, in 2016 most people have the attention span of a goldfish (myself included….Wait what was I talking about????) In all seriousness though, keeping your emails simple, to the point and not too long will help not only get more people opening your emails and reading them…But taking action on them as well.

3. Break Up Your Copy, Use Bullet Points, etc – Similar to the above point about keeping things simple, a way to help get more people reading your emails is to break up the text with bolded words, italics and bullet points. This is so effective for hammering home your main points on what you are trying to get across. People ‘skim’ more emails so strong bullet points, a powerful P.S. and bolded words really helps keep their attention.

4. Write Like You Talk – This is huge! People rarely want to read an email that sounds like it spent 4 weeks in a corporate PR department before it got released. Write like you talk! And write like you are talking to one person instead of thousands. This really helps connect you to your reader and makes them feel like you are literally in the room with them. This is a very important tip for getting huge click throughs with your emails.

5. Add Value – Finally, the BIGGEST nugget of them all is to respect your readers and GIVE them a reason why you are in their inbox. This industry is plagued with ‘marketers’ that show up in people’s inbox, just for the sake of showing up in their inbox. Respect their time, and give them VALUE!

3 thoughts to “Start Writing Better Emails Now [VIDEO]”

  1. This post dropped a bombshell of gold nuggets for us. I agree, adding more value and always thinking “What’s in it for me” mentality will help us to serve the person subscribed to our lists.

    Jon, quick question? Any advice for us email marketers on ways for coming up with ideas to base our email writing around? Would love to hear your thoughts some more?

    Thanks for everything you are doing sir. Appreciate you fella!

    1. I mean for me….When I got started it was information and training mostly in my emails. The more I progressed the more it became news and happenings, to keep people up to date.

      But for affiliate marketers, case studies to me are so under used…Giving real world examples of the results you’ve been getting using XYZ program…That is a great start

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