Stay Away From Drama And Negativity


I did have a quiet chuckle when I saw the phrase “Stay Away From Drama And Negativity” posted on a social media site recently.

This is because it has probably been a constant running theme first in TE Live and now in Plus 1 Daily and is something that cannot be stated strongly enough.

If you allow drama and negativity into your life they will grow and intertwine around everything else in your life, suck the life force out of your positive endeavors and leave you no time to concentrate on worthwhile activities which will lead to you fulfilling your goals.

You will become trapped in a cycle of destruction where your focus is on other people – in all likelihood people you don’t even like or respect.

You will spend time listening to what they say and write, feel compelled to reply on social media sites and be consumed in their lives. Even worse you are now allowing these people to set your own life agenda. Where is the sense in that?

There is a simple solution to all of this…Stay Away From Drama And Negativity.

If you see them coming your way then cross the road to avoid them and if they turn up at your house then slam the door shut in their faces.

Instantly gain a Plus 1 for saying no to these evil twins and gain another for using the time you now have to further your own goals.

Don’t worry about Drama and Negativity…they will already have found a new victim to welcome them in with open arms.

One exception to the above rule: If you make your living in the worlds of film, TV or the stage then avoiding drama may not be a good thing!

2 thoughts to “Stay Away From Drama And Negativity”

  1. Very good Point Patrick. Negativity is very draining on ones soul. It is a waste of energy. Unfortunately sometimes in real life we have to deal with this. But deal with it as little as possible and try to change your focus from negative energy to positive energy as best you can. Try meditating, yoga classes, dance classes. Look online for yoga videos and meditating. I highly recommend you find classes where you are totally involved in your area. These activities can clear your mind and bring in a wave of new positive energy into your life. When times get tough, please don’t give up your meditating, dancing and yoga. Dancing is for everyone male and female which makes your a super strong person and brings in wave after wave of positive energy! Happy Thanksgiving Patrick and everyone else! 🙂

  2. Another great great post here. Spot on with this one! Stay away from the drama and negativity and you will be healthier too. At the end I was thinking to add the news is the biggest one. I love the way you write Patrick and how your words just ebb and flow to the end. This is very, very good. Another Kudos to you!

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