Stay Boring. Stay Relevant? [VIDEO]

Note: This was reposted from my original post on Hit Exchange News called The Art of Keeping Things Boring. I thought it would be a great topic, for both blogs….

I was poking around some of the stats recently from when we first launched Click Track Profit way back in 2010. Man, we were fired up.

We came up with crazy terms like drip feed marketing. Referral maximizer. Downline Pass Thru technology. It’s funny looking back…

One of things we preached was the slow and steady approach. Our business model was set up to excite new members but teach them that true success was found in doing the little things, every day over time.

Crazy concept in 2016 right?

We see in traffic exchanges that so many people jump online and if they don’t get huge results in 30 days or less, they give up, start the vicious cyhcle of the internet marketing vortex of doom and ride off into the sunset…

But here is Click Track Profit…

6 years later. Paying out almost $225,000 in commissions.

Still growing by dozens of new members every single day.

Pretty boring right?

I mean we never really launch anything new, we’ve also tried over the past few years to not cause too much drama lol (especially yours truly and my big mouth)

Yet we’re still here. Heck to think about it, the last program we launched was ListViral back in 2015 but I digress.

I think that again is the true secret to success in the traffic exchange industry. The ability for marketers to not only build their brand and build their mailing list, but also to have the patience that the majority of other surfers don’t have.

It’s rough, no denying it.

Especially when you read about the instant results, instant success and instant ‘wins’ talked about around the internet….

But the real win, I truly believe this in all my heart and soul, is that crazy concept of patience. The whole ‘Plus 1‘ thing. That whole…Stay the course model.

Crazy…I know 😉

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