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Stay The Course…Even When You Screw Up! [VIDEO]

I have to apologize! I was pretty ill mid-week and didn’t get out of bed much. So because of that (and I hate using excuses for not delivering value to you) I wasn’t as active as I would have liked to be on the blog.

So while I didn’t get much done in the way of blogging and vlogging, I did get to finish up a book that I was reading and got some great ideas from it to share with you.

I screw up! A lot in fact.

Actually if there was an award for biggest screw up in business, I’d be the winner almost every year.

I have just as many failures under my belt as I do wins and I know a lot of people will tell you failure is part of success, it doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it.

I personally, hate failing. I know, I know…We’re supposed to embrace it and I understand that but wow, nothing is worst than;

– Starting to draft an email and then accidentally pressing send on something filled with mistakes! (Happened to me last week!)

– Screwing up and getting tongue tied while recording a video for a blog (Check below for a great example of that!!)

– Raging and becoming emotional at people that didn’t deserve it (Ask about my episode last week in a Skype group I’m a part of…)

Ha, look at that…

3 screw ups in less than a week and guess what….I’m still breathing! I’m still showing up. And while some folks would wish privately (or publicly) that I’d disappear for good, others enjoy my openness. And appreciate that I am human and do make mistakes.

Part of business is, yup you guessed it, failing, screwing up and learning from it. But the other side of that equation is staying the course. Keep showing up and be in front of others for the long run. I’ve been doing this now for 20 years, and plan on it for another 20 or more. I love this business so much and I understand that being ‘human’ is part of the journey.

Expect more screw ups!

And when you keep showing up, it reminds people that you are active, you are someone that gives value and they should KEEP paying attention to you!

2 thoughts to “Stay The Course…Even When You Screw Up! [VIDEO]”

  1. Hi Jon. Good post on Screwing up LOL. You are not alone. Emotions can make life difficult, but we all have them. It’s not easy. Life isn’t easy and neither is business. But we deal with them the best we can and continue onward and forward. 🙂 (Some days are really tough lately, and I need to ride it through. Then come back the next day to continue no matter how rotten I feel.)

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