Steem….2 Years Later….

I’m a little confused because Steemworld says today is the day, but SteemD says it’s tomorrow…

Whatever the ‘official’ day is….Sometime within the next 12 hours or so will be my 2 year…


Yup, 2 full years on the blockchain and wow what a journey it’s been….

While reminiscing of the journey so far, I started poking around and found a few gems from the past 730 days…

Here’s my first post which was about 20 days AFTER I joined Steem….Talk about building up courage to post my first blog 🙂

(Look at some of those first interactions….Is David Hay still around?? And notice the first post I upvoted…Of course it had to do with books lol)

I was such a noob….But I did see the big potential of Steem and everything this blockchain could offer. It just made sense to me, blockchain technology combined with social media elements….And while I’ve seen a lot of changes here on the blockchain, the fact remains as clear as day for me…Without the PEOPLE, Steem is nothing!

And that’s what I’ve focused on since day one…Building the relationships, as many as I could, with the amazing people of Steem!

I’ve created @SteemSavvy and helped bring Steem to my little side of the internet. I was asked to speak at Steem Creators in Toronto. I then took a trip to Poland to attend Steemfest 3. That was followed by integrating the blockchain into my affiliate marketing training site @ClickTrackProfit . So yeah, Steem has become a HUGE part of my life over the past 2 years. In fact, it has been my life lol

And we’re only just getting started 🙂

While the road hasn’t always been smooth (I’m still no fan of downvoting) and everyone that’s been here through a hardfork or two could tell ya…The promise remains!

The potential and the massive opportunity that presents itself through our dApps. With Steem-Engine’s tribes and SMT’s. Dtube. 3Speak. Communities. Splinterlands. And hey…Don’t forget 3 second transactions 😉

So here’s to an awesome 2 years on the blockchain and my EXCITEMENT for the next 2 years…

Thank you to every single Steemian I have met along the journey. Your comments, upvotes, engagement and support have meant the world!

I am still as excited about this blockchain as I was in December of 2017….

Let’s see what we can accomplish together!



The ‘Official’ CTP Merchandise store is open for business.…

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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