STEEM Keeps Rolling! Here’s Some Anti-FUD….

I has a notification pop up on my phone today that got me thinking…Big picture 🙂

A few days ago, Steemians were encouraged to go to Twitter and recommend to Coinbase that STEEM should be added.

Apparently Coinbase is considering 31 new tokens to add to their platform, but STEEM isn’t among the 31 chosen….Yet 😉

Today I got a response from someone on Twitter that made me look at how the general public views STEEM….

Ned has been missing for 9 days now and I truly hope he is o.k. However the news is spreading, and the silence is worrisome…To the general public!

That’s what outsiders to the STEEM blockchain may feel like, but for those of us that live and breathe this stuff…

The ‘dev’ is alive and well!

I jumped into the trending section earlier this evening and found quite an exciting new post (and project) from @therealwolf

It’s called and you can check out the post about it here!

If you ever, for one second, doubt the excitement AND development on this currently here on the blockchain…Take a good look at this site…

We have thousands of active users that actually USE these apps…Daily!

Do we have millions upon millions of use cases yet? Nope, but we have a heck of a lot more than most crypto projects.

And that’s the key right there….

While ICO’s were all the rage in 2018, very few have actual use cases. Because heck, most aren’t planned to be launched according to their roadmap for years to come…


Steem rolls along 🙂

We have the users!

We have the apps!

And we most definitely have the community.

I have no idea what the future of Steemit Inc will be. Does it fade off into the sunset or continue to develop this blockchain along with it’s passionate community…I truly have no idea.

And we can’t control what happens with that company.

Because like it was mentioned in numerous posts over the past week…

STEEM is NOT Steemit Inc!

We are a blockchain that thrives with community. Once this bear market starts to calm down a bit, you will see that as a driving factor for STEEM’s growth. We survived 2018 with plenty of development and sure, it would be nice to be added to Coinbase…

But we don’t need it!

What we need, we have right in front of us….Now it’s time to let the world know how good it is here on a REAL blockchain with plenty of development and community support!


Stuck on STEEM? Not sure where to go now that you have joined the blockchain?

That’s why we created SteemSavvy.comIt’s STEEM, for the rest of us 🙂


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