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Steem Power Allows Us To Meet The Right People And Discover Steem’s Huge Potential

Steem Power…

It’s the ultimate investment when it comes to Steem. Everyone is trying to build their Steem Power by creating content or investing in projects to help their accounts grow. And for great reason…

Recent articles and videos by Steem leaders like @Exyle and @TheyCallMeDan have showcased how amazing Steem Power can be from an investment side of things. Once you find a project you believe in, you can vest your Steem and delegate it to whomever you wish, and sometimes even get some ROI as a side benefit.

But that is a very simplistic way of looking at it…

And if you know me, I like simple but I want to expand on this idea a little bit more…

Steem POWER leads you to the right PEOPLE who help you discover the POTENTIAL of this blockchain…

Power -> People -> Potential

Let’s dive in…

A huge part of the @SteemSavvy training revolves around the ‘Savvy Cycle‘…In it, we teach people that they should be adding value every day to others journey. Sharing the STEEM brand and using it’s dApps…But also, powering up! Steem Power is your fuel that helps you get so much more from the blockchain. From curation rewards, more power in your upvote and also the ability to delegate…Steem Power truly is the 9th wonder of the world 😉

savvy cycle

This is the currency on Steem…Sure people may argue it’s liquid Steem itself or even SBD’s…but to me, it’s Steem Power….It’s what people look at first when they discover your account. It’s what shows others you mean business. So part of my journey has been to acquire as much as I can by not only creating content every day, but investing my own fiat into it. I saw the value at $4 USD, and most definitely see it at 42 cents right now!

So after we start accumulating this magical SP…We start building relationships with the people. Community is HUGE on Steem, and of all the blockchain social media platforms out there, no one of them compare to the REAL people here on Steem. People drive this place. Relationships matter. That’s why events like Steemfest are so powerful. It’s where relationships and bonds are formed that will last years…This doesn’t just happen. Community cannot just appear…It takes time and people sharing similar passions.

The more you develop this passion here on Steem, you start meeting the right people.

And those people add to your journey as well. But most importantly they lead you to the potential of this blockchain.

Here’s what I mean…I got started in December 2017…Bought a few Steem, powered up but because hooked on learning as much as I could. I started meetings people, was invited to speak at Steem Creators in Toronto last year and start meetings the right…PEOPLE. Because of those relationships and the people I’ve met on this journey, I’ve discovered the potential of Steem through discovering strategic planning, superior applications I could delegate too, plus new and exciting developments within the blockchain.

And oh yeah…Along the way, I helped create @SteemSavvy and have been working every day for half a year with the amazing people inside it’s community.

The Steem Power led me to the people which helped me discover Steem’s potential!

Might sound a little corny when you read through that last sentence again but for me…It became my focus. How can I grow my ability to delegate here everyday?

That’s why I’m such a huge fan of Steem Power.

It opens you up to so many possibilities here on Steem and it will remain my number one investment within the crypto space for the foreseeable future!

There is no better time than today to power up some Steem and see where it leads you 🙂


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