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Steem Torch & The Power Of People

A few days ago a notice popped up on my phone via @Partiko ….


Sweet! I thought, that’s awful nice of @stackin to send me all that STEEM 🙂

I then discovered what the transfer meant and it got me even more excited to receive that 325 STEEM..Which I turned around, added some more and immediately sent it to @kenmelendez

Wait a minute…..

“Jon, you are telling me that you got 325 STEEM sent to you…Added another 25 and then sent it to someone else?”


Welcome to Steem Torch!

This amazing community project was created by @GeekGirl almost 2 weeks ago – You can check out the original post here. And in those 12 days, it has amassed a total of 377 STEEM between 20 Steemians….The end goal, get the ‘torch’ passed around to 1337 Steemians and see what the total will be!

At the end, the STEEM pot would be either burned or donated to a commmunity run project to help the blockchain…No matter what, the end result is a HUGE win for STEEM.

So back to my #SteemTorch experience….

It started with @stackin sending me the STEEM and then I added a few STEEM (which apparently broke the rules lol we’re only supposed to add one STEEM per transfer). The pot was sent to @kenmelendez and then Ken sent it to @steemcafe

Guess what I woke up to this morning?


My good friend I.J. decided to send that torch right back to me….

So this time I actually followed the rules, added my 1 STEEM to the pot and fired it off to @exyle

Why @Exyle ?

If you’ve gone through the @steemsavvy training you know there are a few people I recommend that everyone follows when they join STEEM…

Mark (Exyle) is one of those people!

He’s helped my journey on STEEM by creating content that regular people like myself can actually understand and get excited about when it comes to this blockchain.

‘STEEM information for the rest of us…’

We may not be computer scientists and some of us even have trouble pressing ‘record’ on our phones….(Honestly, I have even messed that up! Sad I know…)

But we’re fired up about STEEM and love when we understand what’s going on…

Steem Torch is the perfect project to showcase our excitement for this community and I think @exyle is the perfect Steemian to send the torch to next!

There is real power here on STEEM.

Real community!

And I believe Steem Torch is a fine example of that…

Want to learn more about Steem Torch?

Be sure to follow @GeekGirl as well as all the Steemians the torch has been passed to!

And let’s see where this ends up when we reach Steemian #1337


STEEM is all about…People! And the thriving communities that are forming here…We would LOVE to help you on your STEEM journey…

Join @SteemSavvy today and learn STEEM from A to Z!

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