Steemest Is Over….Now What? Thoughts About The Past Week

For many of us that attended Steemfest in Krakow last week, we’ve made the journey back home or are in transit…

The event is done….

However the memories exist. And the excitement for so many is at all time highs!

I’m going to go over my biggest take aways from the event and do my best to sum up the experience for myself. This was an experience that will last a lifetime and obviously we have to start at the most important aspect of the event…

The people!

This is what STEEM has that no other blockchain can even come close to. The communities that are being built and that thrive here are second to none. I spent a good chunk of my time with the @ddaily guys and what an honor it was to be around them.

What they had ingrained in each of them, which is not unique but common among all Steemians, is passion! An absolute LOVE for their craft and a desire to build a vibrant community of content creators.


But it didn’t stop at the communities…From meeting each individual I could in Krakow, you saw that they each believed in something bigger than just STEEM the blockchain. To them it was STEEM the community. STEEM…The family!

(Meeting up with some @adsactly family @soyrosa @alexvan and @velimir – So awesome to meet you all!)

This is our greatest strength and something we should each be very honored to have.

The dApps!

I spent a good chunk of the ‘official event‘ listening to the dozens of individuals and companies present their product to the attendees. From @appics to @partiko , @steempress to @steemhunt ….I would say after the people, our applications here are our greatest selling point.

The passion once again was extremely evident in each of their presentations and a huge source of excitement when it comes to what they plan on doing with SMT’s. Not one single application I listened to had me concerned or worried about the future outlook…These people are working so hard to deliver the best possible user experience for all of us on STEEM.

You are in VERY good hands, no matter what application is your favorite to use!

The Investment In People!

I have to credit both @nathanmars and @meno for helping me see this! Both of these guys need no introduction and something they said in a small workshop (at the legendary @ddaily mansion) resulted in a huge change of thought to my journey on STEEM. The importance of the law of attraction! And that might seem obvious but for me, it’s about ‘giving‘ to the projects and people I believe in the most. Without any kind of expectation of returns….

ddaily mansion

We are so concerned about how much our upvote is worth. And how much Steem Power we may have, we forget about our unique ability to GIVE to the STEEM ecosystem. A guy like Nathan gives so much of his hard earned money and time to people on the @dtube journey and people love him for it. @meno is one of the smartest guys on the blockchain and developed @helpie with the entire goal of helping as many people as he could find a voice on STEEM. Their example inspired me to start delegating much more than I had previously.

By no means am I a STEEM millionaire here, but what Steem Power I do have, I will be looking to give out to the ecosystem…People helping people, the charity and good nature of this community is again a huge advantage for all of us.

@theycallmedan said it best in his video the other week…We have an opportunity to delegate / become an angel investor in projects that we believe in! This is what separates STEEM from so many blockchains out there…Community built AND funded projects!

So I’ll be firing up my 150 SP / Month contest very soon…As well as finding awesome projects like @ddaily @partiko and @helpie to send some delegation towards! This whole generosity thing is contagious 🙂

The potential!

One thing I tried to do was meet some of the guys that helped me when I first joined the blockchain. With 300 plus Steemians at this event it was so hard to meet everyone but I made it a priority to meet guys like @exyle and @flauwy , the ones that helped me learn more about STEEM from my first day here. I wanted to ask them, how do this Steemfest compare to the previous ones and Exyle put it like this…

And I’m paraphrasing…The first Steemfest was about blogging and seeing the power of the written word in a blockchain environment. The second Steemfest was excitement focused on Steemit Inc and their plans for the future. This third one though…Was dApps and SMT’s. The future! The massive potential that entrepreneurs will bring to STEEM.


That word stirs my emotions because I believe STEEM is the melting pot of many critical parts to a successful online business. The technology, the development, the marketing and the execution….And as we enter into 2019 with SMT’s in tow, I think we will see the realization of this dream;

The blockchain of opportunity…

Beyond the hype, the drama, and issues that pop up…STEEM is rich with opportunity!

For those of us that attended Steemfest, I think we would all agree…The passion was on full display! For those that did not attend, I hope you could feel that same passion from wherever you were in the world.

So Now What?

For me…It’s clear!

Invest in the people! Keep promoting SteemSavvy to the world. And broadcast the message that STEEM is so much more than just a ‘blockchain project‘. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime…

And a side note, I can’t wait for Steemfest4 🙂


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