Steemfest 3 – Day 2 Recap & Weekend Activities

To say Steemfest has been a success would be an understatement!

This event has not only made me realize how important STEEM is, but also how diverse and unique each Steemian is. We like to throw words around like ‘community‘ and ‘the people‘, but STEEM embodies it. It’s what makes everything work on this blockchain and I’m so honroed to be a part of it.

Meeting and talking with @reggaemuffin and @exyle about now only where STEEM is going, but how we all play a part in it was one of the highlights for me personally.

These are two guys that are responsible for where STEEM is today. From a witness side (ReggaeMuffin) but also from a user side (Exyle). Getting their opinions on what is to come and the changes from Steemfest 1 to 3 was very rewarding.

Thanks guys, appreciated the talk over lunch!

I also got to meet @soyrosa which was awesome! She comes as advertised, just an awesome person. I never got the selfie we took, she has it….And I’ll bug her for it 😉

Everyone has just been…Awesome. And sure, you may think this is just a fanboy convention for STEEM but it’s so much more…

(They packed all 300 plus of us into a room and took a bunch of pictures…My forehead is AWESOME!)

STEEM is real people!

Forget all the hype and hoopla about price and crypto boom or bust, this is real people. That are VERY passionate about this space.

The second day of Steemfest was quite a change from the first.

The first day was really about the hype and excitement about being here, while on the second day….We got to work.

A huge chunk of the presentations focused on the dApps and let’s be honest…This is what will make or break STEEM. People want to USE things to engage with the blockchain and I can tell from @partiko to @appics and everything in between…The focus IS on actual USE cases for Steemians!

This is BIG!

The tech side is so important, I’ll never say otherwise…But without the people actually using this stuff, it doesn’t matter. But that’s what is awesome about STEEM…We actually use this stuff!

(Shout out to the guys from @steempress for making an app I not only LOVE but use regularly)

Another amazing aspect of Day 2 was the roundtable discussions.

I took part in one held by @steemcafe where the topic was how to bring more people into STEEM and get them using this stuff…Of course I was shamelessly hinting at SteemSavvy throughout the discussion!

Also watching the @ddaily guys doing their thing on the stage and their roundtable discussions was a blast. These are some of the best dudes I have met in my life, not just on STEEM and I’ve been tagging along on their adventures….And adventures they have been.

(Do yourself a favor and follow each of these amazing and talented videographers…They are the cream of the crop on STEEM @kevinli @captainbob @neopch @artakush @slayerkm @camuel @buttcoins @greencross)

As the afternoon started to wind down, I decided to bow out early and take a walk through Krakow. As much fun as Steemfest has been, I haven’t yet seen much of the city…

So with sunset near, I left the ICE Congress center (viewed above) and walked along the Vistula River…

vistula river

I’m not to talk much about architecture because frankly, I couldn’t tell you what is considered beautiful compared to ugly lol But the buildings in Krakow are pretty impressive.

Especially along the Vistula River…

Which brings me to this weekends activities…

A bunch of us are headed to Auschwitz today. And to be honest, I’m not really sure how to feel about it…

I was talking to @captainbob and @bimjer about this a few days ago…It’s part of human history that cannot be ignored because of the atrocities committed. Should we pay into the tourism of that?

But it is…Human history…And I think it’s important to know your past so you never repeat it.

As @roelandp has stated throughout this event, the day trip to Auschwitz is a stark contrast from what we’ll all experience so far here at Steemfest!

After Auschwitz we head back to Krakow for different events throughout the night…I’ll be headed over to the STEEM Karaoke event hosted by @coruscate @steemcafe and @anomadsoul It’s 90’s themed so expect some ‘hardcore rapping’ from yours truly lol

Signing off from Krakow…Time is going by way too fast…



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