Steemfest…Here I Come!

I’m less than 12 hours away from jumping on a plane and starting my adventure to get to Steemfest3!

Reading all the posts and people that will be attending this event, to say I’m fired up is an understatement.

I’m going to be a sponge and soak up all the information I can. And hopefully get some valuable feedback on SteemSavvy and how we can help bring new ACTIVE Steemians onboard.

Steemfest ticketsCheck!
Plane ticketsCheck!
Figuring out how many Euros I will needNo idea….

I’m excited for the adventure to begin and let’s be honest…Travelling from Canada isn’t a quick 2 hour drive to Krakow. I’m taking a few planes to get there, and over 14 hours of airline travel…

Every single minute in the air will be worth it…Because this is an event I think we should ALL be at! And I’ve come to discover something amazing that’s been taking place since the first Steemfest.

This is why I fall in love with this community even more each and everyday…

I discovered two posts today from leaders on the blockchain @gtg (This is his post about it!) and @therealwolf (And here is his post about the TRF project!)

Both of these posts introduced me to this initiative called @t-r-f which is the ‘Travel Reimbursement Fund‘ for Steemfest.

Here’s how it works…This fund has been set up since the first Steemfest to help Steemians from all over the globe with travel expenses. Basically, the community will help reimburse Steemians if they need an extra helping hand to cover the costs.

Awesome right?

What an amazing project by the entire Steem community to help as many people get to Krakow as possible!

So…Even though I’m not rolling in hundreds of thousands of Steem, I had to donate a few SBD for the cause 🙂

I’m extremely blessed and lucky to be able to get to Poland for Steemfest, even with the horrible year I’ve had personally. So it’s my small way of showing Steem, that this community is unstoppable when it works together.

But wait…There’s more!


I got a badge from @steemitboard

If you donate as little as 1 STEEM or 1 SBD to the @t-r-f project, you get a unique badge that shows your commitment and support to this amazing STEEM community.

Badges? Sign me up LOL

Anyways, I’ll be posting throughout my journey (in various airports) and as soon as I get to Krakow.

I hope you enjoy all the Steemfest content that I’m sure will be flooding the blockchain this week! And you can share in my adventure as well. I appreciate you coming along with me on the journey 🙂

And if you are headed to Krakow…I’ll see you soon!


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