Steemfest Is Live And I’m In Love All Over Again

“In this space, you need patience…”

Those were the first words that @ned said as he kicked off the official event that is Steemfest!

And I think he hit the nail on the head…When I first joined this platform I had no idea what I was in for…11 months later, I’m here in Poland with over 300 other STEEM fanatics…

Steem is going to change the world!!! I’m more certain of that than I’ve ever been…

First of all, let me say that @roelandp and his amazing team have put together an incredible event so far. It’s amazing to see the organization and awesome venues this conference is being held at.


We’re on a lunch break right now so I thought I’d go over some of my highlight from the past….4 hours LOL

The morning started with event host @roelandp ‘s introduction and welcome to the event. He than introduced @arcange the creator of SteemitBoard and we ere all introduced to this amazing ‘Get connected game via the Steemfest app and Steemitboard.

Oh wow LOL This thing is so much fun and allows all Steemians at the event to not only network and get to know each other, but compete for a prize pool of over 2000 STEEM.

The goal is simple…Meet as many Steemians as you can, and scan each other’s QR code. One little twist though, you have spend more than 2 minutes between scans….So this encourages conversation which isn’t very hard here at Steemfest.

Next up was @aggroed and his ‘Minnow to Monsters‘ speech. That was very inspiring and showed what people can do on STEEM when they stay the course and deliver value. Steem Monsters needs no introduction and it’s obvious that both he and @yabapmatt are blazing new trials to bring more people to STEEM.

Such an awesome story!

After those first few talks, I got up and wandered around…


And bumped into this man who has aided in my addiction to STEEM lol

Sida from @partiko was humble and gracious plus knew who I was because of how much I use his app LOL If you have not yet experienced ‘fast and beautiful STEEM‘ you should. It’s amazing!

I also had a blast helping out @steemcafe with his EPIC and I do mean epic presentation. The thundersticks were a blast and the kids loved them lol

And this was all before lunch….

I decided to walk back to the hotel during the break and write this blog post so I could document the event.

On the way out I bumped into one of the most influential Steemians on my journey so far, @exyle And he comes as advertised. Passionate about STEEM and a believer in everything that is taking place here.

On top of that, and this was so cool…I met @elizacheng who ran up to me and asked…

“Are you Jon Olson from…This…”

And showed me my off-chain business!!!!

Eliza was a customer of mine almost 10 years ago and I was so humbled when she said my website was the first online program she ever spent a dime on. It’s amazing where life takes you and here we are….Almost 10 years later in Krakow, passionate about STEEM!

Wow, what a start to Steemfest!

Hope you guys enjoyed the short day one coverage and the pics I took…I’m by no means a professional lol

I can’t wait to get back and see what the second half of the day has in store…

P.S. If you want to check out the speakers and presentations you can always click on the offical Steemfest live streaming feed. It can be found here!


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