Steemit Is Up For An Award…Best Project Category!

I was scanning ‘crypto Twitter’ earlier today and one of the Bitcoin maximalists I follow tweeted something that caught my eye…

The ‘Crypto Influencers Award’ are being dished out in Febuary of 2019 and take a closer look and what do you see?

The category is ‘Best Project‘ and the nominee is…



O.K. we all know Steemit hasn’t been knocking it out of the park with their community relations lately, but hey…Anything STEEM related…I’m all for!

Take another look and check out this nominee for…

Best Miscellaneous

dollar vigilante

Our very own @dollarvigilante

Not bad huh?

So I don’t think this works like the Netcoins competition, as I think you can only vote once per category….But still!

What a great opportunity to highlight not only the most popular app on the STEEM blockchain…But also one of our premier content creators as well!

I also saw @sergiomedes write a post about it as well so the word is getting out…

Let’s see if we can get the community behind this and let the world know about STEEM!

We turned a lot of heads with the NetCoins competition…

And we really got people’s attention by being added to (not to mention becoming the top USED application on it’s ranking).

I think 2019 is going to be a very big year for STEEM 🙂

But then again…I’m very biased lol

=> Be sure to check it out and CAST YOUR VOTES!!!


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